MTV’s ‘Beyond The Wall’ Redefines Immigration

This year’s Presidential campaign has been full of controversy, to say the least. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has made some outlandish proposals during his campaign. One of which is to build a wall on the Mexico borderline to stop illegal immigration. Trump is under the impression that immigrants are keeping America from being great when in fact immigrants have contributed a lot to this country. Actors and social justice advocates of color have teamed up with MTV to share the true story of immigrants to this country.

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As part of MTV’s “Elect This Campaign” a project called “Beyond The Wall” was created. “Beyond The Wall” is a 10-foot by 35-foot interactive wall that is designed to tell the true stories of immigration and diversity through interactive videos. The wall made its debut yesterday (Oct. 10th) in Herald’s Square in New York. The wall featured video testimonies from “Orange Is The New Black” actress Diane Guerrero and “Broad City” actor Arturo Castro. Comedian Cristela Alonzo also added her testimony to the wall along with social justice advocate Daniel Leon-Davis. All the celebrities that lent their voices and testimonies to this project believe that immigration reform is needed, but they also want voters to be informed. The actors and actresses especially want the young voters to be informed and not just go with the flow or worse not vote at all.

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According to Ronnie Cho, MTV’s Vice President of Public Affairs, “Young people are tired of politics as usual during the 2016 election and want real change on the issues they care about most. This symbolic border wall installation is a powerful way for our audience to go beyond the rhetoric, beyond the talking points and beyond the wall, towards a more meaningful conversation about issues that are at the heart of this election cycle and are core to defining who we want to be as a country.”

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The “Beyond The Wall” project was just a one day event, but you can watch some of the celebrities testimonies below.




So, what are your thoughts? Would you support a project like this? Let me know in the comments.


By Ronda Brooks

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