My Baby’s Shoe Game is Better Than Yours…

“My baby’s shoe game, is better than your baby’s” are petty words that I long to utter to any mommy that crosses my path (when I actually have kids).

Yolo Baby Tee and Air-max set

While my baby petty game is strong, it was solidified by the existence of Brandi Seymour and her company Eye Candy Couture  (aka baby petty heaven). What good parent doesn’t want their baby to be fly at all times, or all costs. Let’s face it, with pre-school waiting lists being years long  and celebritity babies trying to trademark their names; you have to get creative to make your little one’s the talk of  the town;  baby Khaled can not be the only one winning.

With infant, toddler, tween and adult themed clothing and shoes Eye candy Couture looks to make  you and yours the envy of all things birthday, quinceanera and #life.  I mean look at this outfit and tell me you wouldn’t do it for the Gram?



Diaper Cover


The creator and CEO of these wonderful items started out as an accountant, who realized that a 9 to 5 was not all her life was about. “I was helping someone else complete their dream, but forgot about mine”.

Originally from south Florida, Brandi Seymour started out making clothing for her daughter, who is an admitted “girlie girl”; she began with shoes and eventually moved to t-shirts, accessories and complete outfits, that caused a stir whenever her daughter wore one of the pieces.

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion and dressing well.”

Brandi Seymour CEO Eye Candy Couture

It all started in 2009 when friends and family started asking Brandi to recreate her daughters outfits for them as well. “My hobby turned into a business, overnight , really” and after eight years in business, her Bachelors in Accounting is really coming in handy. “Business is booming!” The start-up is already creating a buzz with its billboard in Buckhead (a possible indication of its coming location)

“We are to the point now where we have moved operations to Atlanta and will be opening a boutique very soon”

In order to floss, you have to rock the best; each piece is made by hand and requires over four hours work, the bling is the best Swarovski (of course) and if the bottoms of the shoes look familiar, it’s because they were inspired by the best.

“I really look to the major designers for inspiration and I LOVE Christian Louboutin. I wanted my child to have exclusive’s too, so I made my shoes “Pink Bottoms” and I design with an edge.””

“Pink Bottoms”

Brandi  also has business advice for anyone who has a hobby that they think can be the next big thing, “Don’t wait, do it now, you don’t need piles of cash!’.Eventually the company will start hosting fashion shows and you may see the shoes brought to high-end anchor stores like Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdales, just to name a few.

Currently, you can only order on-line but if you’re like me, you’re already  creating your fashion plan of attack and stock piling for future use. Me and mines are set to beast on all other babies, and babies mama’s mama’s (one day), for now check out more of the collection and remember to tag us @kontrolmag  @aliroc on IG as this bling must be shared!

Later Beautiful Ones…





Converse/ Cheetah


Phone Case
Children’s Tutu Set
Tween TuTu Set


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