Netflix Says Representation Matters

When I was younger, it was not common to turn on the television and see someone that looked like me. I grew up in the Cosby Show era but even that show didn’t truly represent me or what my family looked like. Today, things are a little different and there are more people who look like me on television and in the media. Netflix thinks that it is important for everyone to identify with someone that looks like them on television, and has started a project to make sure that happens.

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Netflix’s newest campaign and initiative is called “First Time I Saw Me” and it carries the hashtag of the same name #FirstTimeISawMe. The campaign began this past Tuesday, August 1st and it is centered around creating more representation in entertainment. Netflix feels that it is a very powerful thing for a person to see someone who is similar to them dealing with similar issues on television. Seeing someone who represents you and your situation may sometimes give you the extra courage or confidence to deal with issues once you see someone on the screen conquer the issue first.

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First Time I Saw Me

Netflix’s campaign includes videos from an array of talents who share their thoughts on the importance of being represented in entertainment and the media. The talents also share their experiences when they first saw someone like them on television. Celebrities who have participated in the campaign and shared their stories are Director Ava DuVernay, “Orange Is The New Black” actress Jackie Cruz, “Dear White People” actor Marque Richardson, “Orange Is The New Black” actress Selenis Leyva, Director Spike Lee, “Dear White People” actor Logan Browning, and Comedian and actor Marlon Wayans.

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Netflix is also making efforts in creating more original content that ensures representation in entertainment. Netflix has created original programming such as “Dear White People”, “Chewing Gum”, “She’s Gotta Have It”, and “Orange Is The New Black” which are layered with diverse characters from all walks of life.


You can check out some of the campaign videos here and here.


By Ronda Brooks

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