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With all the troubles going on in the world with people of color, this is still probably one of the best times to be BLACK and ALIVE!!! The representation we are getting on television and entertainment for POSITIVITY is absolutely amazing and I am basking in every minute of it.

The latest comic based series to join the CW‘s panel is “Black Lightning” who had a 3+ hour a panel discussing the new series’s tv show slate.

Black Lightning Cast
Black Lightning Cast

“Black Lightning” follows Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning’s real-life persona), who is a man wrestling with a secret. He has the superhuman power to control electricity but gave it up for his family and others. But when his family is threatened he’ll have to don the suit and use his powers again. Fun side note, his daughter (played by actress China Anne McClain) exhibits special powers as well.

According to LA Times;

“Black Lightning” brought a level of social awareness to the proceedings that most of the fantastical other shows didn’t particularly touch on (this year, at least). The show is grounded in family and community, specifically black families and black communities, and according to the showrunners it will not shy away from addressing the concerns that are current.

“Yes there’s a problem with police brutality and we will get into that. There’s also a problem with us killing each other,” said Salim Akil, one of the executive producers of the series alongside Mara Brock Akil. They were joined on the panel by lead actor Cress Williams, who plays the titular character, and his TV daughters China Anne McClain (playing Jennifer Pierce) and Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce), and his TV ex-wife Christine Adams (Lynn Pierce.)

“What’s going to make this so fun for the writers and others is that this is going to come from an authentic black male voice,”  Salim said. “I think this character will give back to the culture. Black culture specifically, but American culture.” 

“The biggest challenge was accepting that this black man was running around town in this suit. That’s the easiest way to get shot,” Salim said as the audience laughed. “[The show] is about balancing out when he uses his powers [and] how he uses his powers and why.”

If case you guys haven’t been following my comic-related posts, I love comics and this is one I’m definitely going to be tuned in to. What a time to be alive!

By Monique C. Tillman

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