Every Single Hair Counts

Brows are Nicole Nemiroff’s Life…


There are three things that I go by when looking for a beauty specialist, because Atlanta has a lot to choose from:

  • How do they handle themselves professionally i.e. on the phone or in-person.
  • Do they study their craft?
  • Do they look the part, better asked, Are they cute?

The latter is more about if they have their own since of personal style that’s poppin’.

This goes for nail techs, stylist’s and especially esthetician’s, if you’re looking surprised, but there is nothing to be surprised about, you are not my person.

Nicole Nemiroff, Owner of Nicole’s Beauty Lounge

The good news is, Nicole Nemiroff has all the criteria down pact. She is an esthetician and beauty influencer implant from Pittsburgh PA, who moved to the ATL three years ago with a particular set of skills and a dream.

‘I’ve been telling my family for years that I was going to move to Atlanta and open my own beauty salon”. She has me on speaker while working from her shop, Nicole’s Beauty Lounge, a nicely decorated space located in the Universal Salon Suites in Midtown.   

Nicole is a beauty herself and her eyebrows are not only on point, they are a major part of her business.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I was doing my mom’s hair and my aunts makeup, it’s probably why I’m in the beauty industry today and I work as a beauty influencer. I’ve worked hard to perfect my craft”



With over six years of experience, she has “perfected’ her craft and to be honest I wasn’t really sure what that meant. I mean we’re talking eyebrows here, but the truth is eyebrows are one of the face’s most defining features, just imagine when you’ve seen someone without them (regardless of the reason) you notice something is a little off.

brows, nicole
Brow’s by Nicole’s Beauty Lounge

“I really look at the shape of a person’s face, that helps” she also has a favorite type of client she likes to work with. “Every single hair counts so clients who are loyal and come see me on a regular basis really get a healthy eyebrow experience.”

Naturally I asked who are her least favorite kinds of clients?

“People with unrealistic expectations, if your brow is thin, but you walk in with a picture of Beyoncé, it’s not going to work, that and no shows” she laughs.  “Really, the best client is a patient one, because some people have had a bad experience and it takes time to get things back to normal.”

Brow tinting

Nicole can also put you on to game,

“Never use a razor or tweezers in between appointments, it messes up the shape of your brow” Who knew?

Nicole NemiroffAll in all I say make the trip, after all she passed the test and if that’s not enough she will be adding micro-blading and other in demand services to her list in the coming weeks.

She’s also building an empire:

“ I will have a store front and franchise in the next five years”

Yep, my kinda people.




You can find out more about Nicole’s Beauty Lounge here:




Ali Roc

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