No Ma’am! Sara Palin Does New York Lookin’ a Hot Moose-Shooting Mess

All politics aside, just what in the world was Sarah Palin thinking with this vomitus ensemble? No way in the world her people should have allowed her to stroll through the streets of New York looking like a hot moose-shooting mess!

Sarah Palin is returning to TV — and not just any shoes will do. The notoriously stylish former Alaska governor returned to Fox News on Monday morning sporting some statement-making footwear.

Palin’s high-heeled kicks showed off two trends at once: studs and snakeskin. Reminiscent of Valentino’s beloved Rockstud shoes — but with an added animal flair — the politician’s shoes did not disappoint her style supporters. The reflective wraparound sunglasses? Those are another story.

With her taste for the expensive (remember her $150,000 spending habit?) and the extreme, not to mention her affinity for animal print, we look forward to more Palin appearances in the near future. What do you think of her latest fashion statement?

We’re failing to see her “taste for the expensive and extreme” with the ski goggles and that pink tunic with polka dots. She got it right from the ankle down and that’s about it! You didn’t pull this one off, Sarah so please pull it off!


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