OMG: Zonnique Pullins’ New Eye Color Pulls Us In


The OMG Girlz have always been known for their colorful hair, cute and fun ensembles and amazing voices and as the trio of girls reemerge on the music scene as young women, its only right that they stick to their way of expressing themselves and standing out and of course their accessories play a major part.

In addition to her large Poetic Justice inspired box-braids, Zonnique Pullins debuted a brand new eye color via her Instagram page last week and the ice gray color immediately got people buzzing. “Is it another OMG expression of self”, “Is she following in her mother Tiny’s footsteps and having major surgery done on her eyes”, “Are they just contacts”, “What does T.I. think?” These are just SOME of the questions that have had folks going all week. Personally I think the ice gray eyes go very well with Niq Niq’s skin complexion and facial structure. The color definitely draws you in and give her some mystery. I personally love it!!

In addition to Zonnique Pullins’ new eye color, OMG (the word “Girlz” has recently been dropped from their name to embrace a new direction for the girl group) has a new song entitled “Boy It’s Over”. Hopefully a full album or atleast an EP will follow suit. What do you think fam?

By Monique C. Tillman


Monique Tillman

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