Open Relationships: Tameka Harris Puts The Rumors to Rest on the Wendy Williams Show!

Tameka “Tiny”  Harris  stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday and cleared up a lot of rumors that have been swirling around about  her and her soon to be Ex-Husband. We’ve all heard the stories of them having an open relationship, but Tiny doesn’t agree and didn’t sign up for the shenanigans!


It’s a fact  that reality TV can put a strain on marriage, but being in the public eye comes with the territory.   Our home girl Wendy asked several questions that most of us were itching to hear answers too, and to our surprise, Tiny was very candid and transparent with her responses.


At one point during the conversation, Wendy asked if the couple had an open relationship, and Tameka replied that “We just did what we wanted to do.” Not sure if a marriage without restrictions is a good idea, but it seems to work for the couple, up until recently.


Tiny filed for divorce in 2016 after 6 years of marriage and in this video, we not only hear the frustration in her voice, but we begin to understand the reason why many events unfolded in the manner in which they did. Take a look at the clip below and comment to give us your opinion on the situation!




Written By: Tamara Butler

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