Penis Proud: Guys Who Don’t Brag Usually Have a Reason!

So I was having a conversation with a good girlfriend about gentlemen who usually boast about how “well endowed” they are, and to my surprise, we both had or have heard hilarious stories about men and their manly areas. It’s a fact that guys who don’t brag usually have a reason, and they are what we call “Penis Proud”!


An African American couple laying in bed smiling


Being Penis proud can come with a lot of baggage. These guys know what they bring to the table, and they’re not afraid to flaunt it.  If you’re too proud, the ladies usually want to know why or what exactly you have down there that make your ego shoot through the roof, and if you’re not boastful enough, they may think you missed that gentle blessing of having it all, but that’s not always the case. Plenty of men are penis proud; they just have different ways of showing it without looking easy.


Although most women hate to admit it, we usually have a tough time staying away from a man that has jaw-dropping sex, and that knows how to work it. We may end up putting up with some situation that we wouldn’t tolerate under normal circumstances because the wood is just too good, and that can be a major problem.


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Sex can be blinding while you may think that you have a situation under control, the two of you are just having fun, or simply going with the flow, things can go haywire at any moment. Just think of it like this if you’re crazy and can’t let go because of the sex, what happened to the woman or women before you?


african american couple sitting on bed


While women like to think that having a man that’s penis proud is a great think because they’ll never get bored in the bedroom, they may go crazy thinking about how he may be pleasing someone else with all the gift that he has. There’s nothing worse than imagining all of the things your many can do to other women. Some may think it’s worth it, and others may believe that it’s a headache. Either way, guys are still winning and some of them really have it all. It may be best to enjoy the perks while we can.


Written by: Tamara Butler

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