Plus Positive’s #MoreOfPlus Campaign

We have seen with this year’s Oscar nominations, the lack of diversity in Hollywood which led to the unforgettable boycott of the Academy Awards,  still exist.   It’s a sad thing to know, that in this day of time, there is still a issue of diversity.  To scale it down even more, when was the last time you’ve seen a plus size woman cast as the love interest in a leading role, or just in a leading role.  And let’s not forget our larger than life men,  I believe actor Cedric the Entertainer is still the reigning champ for representing our plus size men in film.  Moral of the story, we still have a long way to go.  However, strides for improvement are being made!

Over the last year and a half,  I have had the pleasure of working with a non-profit organization named Plus Positive,  that supports and represents plus adults and teens.  Plus Positive’s mission is to:

  • build confidence and self esteem in plus size men, women, and teens,
  • advocate for size diversity in the entertainment industry

This year, Plus Positive is hosting a #MoreOfPlus 7 day film contest, to celebrate more size diversity in film.  The #MoreofPLUS 7 Day Film Contest is an innovative competition focused on showcasing more plus size talent on screen.  At the core of this contest is the requirement that each entry must utilize plus size men (size 2x and up) and women (size 12 and up) as leading characters, and bring awareness to health issues we face today.

I love how this organization is not only bringing awareness to more size diversity, but also, awareness to health issues.  So many times I hear critics say, ” well why don’t they just loose weight and they would be used more.”  Society has failed to realize not all plus size men and women are depressed and/or are unhappy with their weight.  Some, including myself, prefer to be plus size and is not desiring to be a size 2 but just happy and healthy.  I love every curve on my body and I love how my curves bring life to any dress I put on (wink).    The #MoreOfPlus  movement should be used way beyond film, but this is definitely a great started.  I can see this hashtag being used more to promote size diversity in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Plus Positive

To find out more about this organization and their 7 Day Film Contest click here.

Plus Positive

What are your thoughts on today’s topic? What other diversity issues do you feel needs to be addressed in Hollywood?  Make sure to comment below.  Until next time “Continue to rock your confidence, it looks good on you!!”






Tammy Davis

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