Proctor & Gamble Says Their New Ad Is Not Controversial And It’s Here To Stay!

The subject of race has been a very controversial topic in America for many decades. Just the mention of race can make people tense up, get on edge, or get defensive. Most people have grown accustomed to avoiding the topic altogether;while others force you to really think about the concept. Recently, Proctor & Gamble  released a new advertisement that really ruffled a few feathers.

Proctor and Gamble ad
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Proctor & Gamble’s new ad features African American mothers throughout the decades having a conversation about racism with their children. The ad has suffered tons of backlash and has even been accused of inciting an anti-white climate. The ad was created as part of Proctor & Gamble’s “My Black Is Beautiful” campaign and runs about two minutes. The soap giant focuses on the conversations the mothers have with their children while preparing them for the racism they will face growing up.

Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble advertisement
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In one scene, a 1950’s mom tells her son about a racial slur that he will probably end up being called.

“It’s an ugly, nasty word, and you’re gonna hear it. But you are not gonna let that word hurt you.”

Proctor & Gamble feel that their new ad is not controversial at all. They felt that this was truth that needed to be told regarding what mothers deal with in the African American communities. Damon Jones, a Proctor & Gamble spokesperson, spoke to on the company’s stance regarding the commercial,


“People were like, ‘Thank you for speaking my truth’. But it has been a past interesting couple of days where we’ve seen a few people position the ad quite differently and stoke some fires. Our goal and job is to reflect the variety of conversation that are happening. The desire and hope is that people come forward and engage in constructive dialogue… and that means understand the point of view of the black woman who are reflected in the advertising.”


You can view the full commercial below and share your thoughts.


By Ronda Brooks

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