Product Review: Chilly Jilly

Chilly Jilly’s are certainly one product every girl should own. Whether it be the wrap, the oversized wrap or the lounge pants; you need one of these items in your closet. They are great for those mornings when you are rushing out of the house and need to just throw something on. The wrap is convertible and can be used several different ways.



“You’ll find that you use your Chilly Jilly Wrap, Oversize Wrap and Wrapper Blanket, for many things other than keeping yourself warm – like accessorizing an outfit, making the kids comfortable, and even covering up on the beach.” –Chilly Jilly Website

Chilly jilly



Head over to the  Chilly Jilly website and check out all the products.


Porsha Deshannon

Porsha Deshannon is a freelance writer and lives in Atlanta, GA. She began her career as a journalist for The Urban News in Asheville, NC and Assistant Editor for the Hilltop News. She is an avid fashion follower and writes cutting-edge style and beauty articles that inspire women to be there absolute best.

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