Product Review: Civic Duty Shoes

Are you looking for a good leisure shoe that’s attractive, fun, and comfortable? Well Civic Duty Shoes are here to rescue you this holiday season.  
Civic Duty Shoes is a socially minded footwear company founded upon the simple premise that a leisure shoe can be attractive, fun, and comfortable while causing minimal impact to the environment in its production.

Civic Duty Shoes deliver fashion that is fresh, innovative, and unique. Footwear that is not only comfortable and stylish, but also durable and environmentally friendly. Utilizing Tyvek® material to make footwear that is lightweight, water resistant, breathable, and practically indestructible, Civic Duty is setting the bar high. With unisex styles and vibrant colors they are perfect for any season and outfit, these are also pre-wrinkled to give that vintage, one of a kind look right out of the box!

I have to tell you I love my Civic Duty Shoes!! They are everything and then some. I received 2 pair and they really work with everything in my closet. That’s what I love most about my Civic Duty Shoes…they work with everything and are comfortable. Please check them out at

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