Product Review: Luxe Therapy Perfect for your Scalp

So, let me tell you a little story about this scalp… It needs HELP!

When I first saw Luxe Therapy I was not impressed. I opened the packaging and inside held 3 very plain white bottles. Once I pulled it out I saw the “sticker” they placed on the front that contains information about Luxe Therapy was falling off. I was beginning to have second thoughts because to me, “Presentation is EVERYTHING,” but something told me not to give up on Luxe Therapy yet, and that something was my scalp screaming for attention and healing. I decided to give it a try and to be surprise, this Luxe Therapy worked wonders! They have a three step process, something I have never seen before.

First, you apply the Pre-Cleanse Solution. You squeeze the bottle into your scalp and immediately you can feel the tingling sensation. You leave it in for about 5 mins.

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