How to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You

So you’ve finally met him. The guy that you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. You don’t want to blow your only chance at making him fall head over heels for you. Follow these simple steps and you will have that man eating out of the palms of your hands.

Maintain Mystery. He doesn’t need to know you wear a wig and he certainly doesn’t need to see you struggle to put it on. It’s like watching your parents do the  O na-na; some things you just don’t need to see.

Make him feel like he’s needed. “OMG! There’s a snake in my house!”  Nothing feels better than being wanted or needed and not just in the bedroom. Let him do things for you and feel like he is taking care of you and protecting you. This can be as simple as helping you fix something around the apartment or picking you up from the airport. If a man doesn’t like doing these kinds of things for you then that’s a good sign he’s not feeling you. Move on quickly.

Kiss chemistry. Whether you’re pecking on the cheek or making out for an hour he should feel your desire, your passion, and the spark! Using hands is always a great way to get his attention and there’s nothing wrong with a little neck action either.

Be an independent woman. Clingers are a real turn-off. Make sure to maintain your own life and do things without him. Allowing him to miss you, crave you, need you once in a while will make getting together that much more exciting. Although I agree with this rule I do think too much time apart is a sure sign that he’s just not that into you! If weeks go by and you haven’t heard from him, DUMP THAT SUCKA!

Be confident. Men love a woman who loves herself. Vanity and selfishness is not what attracts him but rather that unspeakable confidence, that “I know I’m the ish” vibe.

Show your friend potential. If he can open up to you more than he does his best guy friend…YOU ARE IN! Be sure to listen when he speaks, don’t interrupt and make eye contact while he’s talking.

Exercise your funny bone. Nothing is cooler than a girl who can crack a joke and better yet, take one. Play the dozens with him every now and then or joke on that corny waitress at the bar. Men love a woman that can make them laugh.

Give him an eye-full. The best ego boost for a man? A sexy, come-hither look! You are sure to send chills down his spine if you do it right. But be careful not to look awkward while doing it. I did this move one time and I looked like a mentally ill person that hasn’t seen a man in years.

Don’t overreact to small things. Nothing sends a guy running faster than a drama queen. I have to admit, this is the hardest one for me. I’m naturally over dramatic and things that I find important are at the bottom of the barrel for most. But I have to remember my calm voice, and rational face when dealing with men. It’s hard…but it’s worth it when you have someone to lie next to at night.

Porsha Deshannon

Porsha Deshannon is a freelance writer and lives in Atlanta, GA. She began her career as a journalist for The Urban News in Asheville, NC and Assistant Editor for the Hilltop News. She is an avid fashion follower and writes cutting-edge style and beauty articles that inspire women to be there absolute best.

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