The New Face of Atlanta Street Wear: Foreign State of Mind

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Foreign State of Mind’s premier trunk show at men’s boutique Threadz Boutique. It was a night of a congratulatory atmosphere as the sounds of DJ BlakBoy spun the night away. Admittedly, I did make some pre-judgements before attending but was pleasantly surprised by Creative Director’s Nate welcoming spirit. Creative Director, Nate, a UK born Texas native fulfils the new generation of fashion enthusiasts need for authenticity and originality. Check out the detailed interview below!


What sets your clothing line Foreign State Mind apart from the rest?
ForeignStateOfMind creates Haute Couture Streetwear/Street Couture and focuses on providing well constructed garments, no two pieces are cut the same. We pride ourselves on being a brand that providing quality product and setting a lifestyle.

What key lessons have you learned during your journey with Foreign State of Mind?
Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, our company motto

What serves as your motivation?
Our future, becoming a respected fashion house in the industry. We also aspire to inspire a generation of new designers and fashion houses like those before us.

How is Foreign State Mind not just another t-shirt line?
We’re a lifestyle brand. At this moment our first releases are t-shirts (cut & sew/bespoke) but we have other garments that are culturally influenced and trust not just t-shirts. Having attended university and gained my undergrad in fashion I pride myself on being a designer, I didn’t create the pocket t-shirt but I made you look twice.

Is there an underlying theme for your pieces?
At ForeignStateOfMind we believe everyone is a “Foreigner” when something is different or not understood they tend to say it’s “foreign” and that’s what we like embrace differences thinking differently, being true to oneself, and living from the inside out “It’s Not What’s On You, It’s What’s In You”

What was the catalyst behind the birth of your brand? (What made you create your brand?)
Beside our love for fashion and the love of business, it was needed. We’re creative beings but at the same time we’re educated and experienced in this industry so rather than wearing the “uniform” of our peers we created something that was our own and decided to share it with the masses.

Where do you see Foreign State of Mind in the next five years?
I see ForeignStateOfMind on the runways of London, NY, Paris, etc. and continuing to grow into the fashion house we plan on it being. As far product we plan to expand into home products, but that’s all I can reveal at this moment.

Who are your fashion influences past and present?
So many I’ll just throw some out there past/present from both the street wear and high fashion world:
+ Jeffery Banks
+ Karl Kani
+ Willi Smith
+ Russell Simmons
+ Marc Ecko
+ Cam’ron (yes the rapper)
+ Kanye West
+ Diamond Supply Co.
+ The Hundreds
+ En Noir
+ Dapper Dan
+ Ronnie Fieg
+ Jon Buscemi
+ Roberto Cavalli
I’m leaving a lot out but know I study/live this industry.

hands of casso

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
The people, let me elaborate. I love doing my research and studying what the people of the world wear in different cultures. I people watch in the cities I visit, I stroll online, and honestly sometimes I just dream and designs come to me, that’s God.

Final Words:

Continue to “Be Foreign” and remember “It’s Not What’s On You, It’s What’s In You”

check out & support the movement.

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