Savannah vs. Joseline: Did This Stepmom Take It Too Far?

If you’ve been keeping up with Love &Hip Hop Atlanta, you know that things can get messy from time to time with Joseline and Stevie J. They’ve been known to have a rocky relationship since the Puerto Rican Princess came on the scene a few years ago, and things haven’t gotten much better. Toxic is just one word used to describe their relationship, but Ms. Joseline may have taken her stepmom role too far in the latest episode.


stevie and joseline hugged up kissing


Stevie J thought that it would be a good idea to have a sit-down with two of his daughters and Joseline to clear the air, but the air wasn’t cleared, and the situation was left worse off than it was before, leaving Stevie in the middle, and Joseline as a victim.


Of course, Stevie seemed sincere in his approach to his daughters in regards to his relationship with Joseline, and his hopes for his family, but you can tell that his daughter Savannah wasn’t too happy with Joseline past actions!  Stevie’s lack of control over the situation when it comes to the lack of respect that is shown towards his children may cause hi his relationship with his children in the future of he doesn’t get a handle on the situation.



While it’s important to remember that kids have an opinion too, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the adults to keep the conversations even toned, without making accusations or becoming accusatory because emotions can become intense leaving little room for rekindling any relationship.


We have to remember that as parent’s words hurt, and they not only affect our partner but the children that are involved in the situation as well. With such a public relationship, the bitterness, and payback can take a front seat in destroying the other person’s character which isn’t healthy for the family he’s  created.


stevie j daughter savannah having a conversation


How does a child suppose to respond to a person that’s always attacking or assaulting them? Adults are expected to be there to offer guidance, and show their children what love is!


We’ve uploaded a clip of the video to give our readers a glimpse of the episode just in case you’ve missed it. While we believe that Joseline was hurt and sincere in her apology, we also believe that there should have been the one to guide the conversation so that they ladies didn’t get so emotional or off task. Click below to watch!




Written By: Tamara Butler

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