Say It Ain’t So! DMX Could Be Headed Back To Prison

The drama continues with New York rapper DMX. A few weeks back, I told you how the Ruff Ryders rapper could be facing prison time for possible tax evasion. DMX had been accused of owing the IRS around 1.7 million in back taxes. The New York born rapper has been charged with 14 counts of tax evasion.

According to reports, DMX has avoided using bank accounts for years. He has been known to use surrogate accounts such as his managers or family members. If DMX is found guilty of the charges, he could be in prison for up to 44 years.  DMX has been on probation since that incident occurred while awaiting his trial. Now, it turns out DMX may have violated the terms of conditions of his bail, and it could have him back behind bars.

Possible Violation

According to the New York Daily News,

“Manhattan federal judge Jed Rakoff on Wednesday said he received a report indicating that the rapper/actor, who real name is Earl Simmons, “may have violated the terms of his pretrial release in numerous respects.”

Judge Rakoff ordered Simmons, who spent a night in The Tombs after his arrest, to appear in his courtroom on Friday, where he could be called to the carpet over the violations. Simmons’ lawyer Murray “Don’t Worry Murray” Richman, said the rapper went to St. Louis a couple of weekends ago without permission from the court’s probation officers.

“He left the jurisdiction without permission,” which he is not allowed to do, Richman told The Post.

A woman who introduced herself on the phone as Simmons’ fiancee said she wasn’t aware of the judge’s order.”

rapper DMX
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DMX has had ruff ride (no pun intended) these last couple of years. Hopefully, things will work out for him and he can avoid prison time.


rapper DMX
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So, what are thoughts? Do you think DMX will be put behind bars again? Let me know in the comments.


By Ronda Brooks

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