On The Scene: VH1 Black Ink Crew’s SKY Speaks At Cupcakes And Convos

On Thursday night,  Kontrol Mag was on the scene at the Cupcakes And Convos event in Atlanta.  The event was held at the swank Level V venue located in Buckhead.  The annual roundtable seminar brought out beautiful women from various backgrounds together for a night of intimate conversations and empowerment.  The attendees of the event had the opportunity to decorate tasty cupcakes in honor of sexual abuse awareness and suicide prevention.

Cupcakes And Convos

Jasmine Murray and VH1 Black Ink Crew Sky

Cupcakes And Convos was created by PR maven, Jasmine Murray.  This 23 year old professional is such a inspiration to many women.  With four years of public relations experience and being a survivor of sexual abuse, her personal story touched every soul that was in attendance.  When I first walked in the event space, I was greeted by this beauty and her vibrant spirit.  Just off of first impressions and after hearing Jasmine share her personal story, I would have never imagined the hurt and pain that she had been through.

VH1 Black Ink Crew SkY Cupcakes And Convos

In addition to tasty cupcakes, the event featured a special treat when VH1 Black Ink Crew’s SKY entered the room and greeted the guest with her infectious personality.  If you have ever watch Black Ink on VH1, then you can not help but to be a fan of Queen SKY.  As soon as she walked in the room, it was lit!  Sky was so transparent with all the guests that were in attendance.  She was brave to speak about her own suicide attempt and how she overcame that dark time in her life.  Her advice was simple but yet very powerful, she encouraged women to not be afraid of getting to know yourself and to  always pray.  She stated that we all need to have that alone time in looking in the mirror and having that cry.  I loved how she kept it real and stated how she still have dark times till this day, “A bitch just gets down on these beautiful knees, cause I ain’t too good to do it.  Sometimes you may be in the wrong position when your praying, you might be standing up.  You just gotta get down and talk to the Big Hommie.  That’s where I had to get too a lot of times and still till this day.”

Sky from VH1 Black Ink Crew

I had the pleasure to do a quick one on one interview with SKY that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I asked her how she felt about the movement of women being open about their sexuality  and serving sexiness on social media. She stated how she loves the movement of women like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian, how they are not afraid of their bodies and are bad ass!  The starlet also explained how she is amazed and proud of her own journey, “Just a few years ago I was working at Macy’s, now I’m a top notch bitch, that loves to love, and I am a child of God!”  When I asked about her thoughts of more size diversity in mainstream media, she vibrantly stated how she was a firm supporter of women of all sizes stepping out, to out shine the next bitch! She concluded by simply stating “I just love a woman that’s confident!”

Cupcakes and Convos

Overall this event was so uplifting and powerful.  It was a great space for women to come together and share their stories of pain and also share their testimonies of how they overcame such trauma.  We all were encouraged to live our lives and to continue our journeys of living out our purpose.  The goal of the event was for every guest to leave feeling “Sweet” and knowing that they are an accomplished individual.

Written By: Tammy Davis @CurvesInTheStreets

Photo Credits: Eliot Jones @Urbaneliottv



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