Shades of Blue

Blue Kimble Is Here to Stay…
By Ali Roc


Blue Kimble


Blue Kimble is smart, cool and sexy, he could also easily become your favorite actor’s favorite actor. You’ve seen him in everything from The Game, Being Mary Jane, Single Ladies and his most recent role on TV One’s Media. The show is full of twists and turns and tells the story of an affluent family who owns a media company, but more on that later….


It was all a dream…

Right now he is sitting in a barber’s chair getting a line up; he has a boyish charm about him that adds to the trust factor, he also has an amazing smile. Kimble, who found acting by accident, by chance really, he was that friend that another friend took to an acting class and well, you know… “I just went to be supportive”, his support lead to him catching the eye of an acting coach who encouraged him to pursue the art.

“I was a professional football player and have been an athlete for over seven years.”

An art that turned out to be a hidden talent, carrying the Atlanta native all the way to Hollywood, where he would use another one of his talents to help propel his career further. “I was a professional football player and have been an athlete for over seven years.” He uses his fitness background as a way to help him stay focused on his career goals. “Being able to have a long life, think better and feel better” are all a part of the plan.

Blue Kimble from TV One’s Media

“I ended up using my fitness background and routine to help me in everything I do; most people don’t see the correlation” Kimble works out for a minimum of thirty minutes a day his work out consists of running, lifting weights and he makes sure cardio is a part of it all

“Exercise helps me remember my lines”.

Now back to Media…

When asked about the show Kimble flashes that smile and lights up. For those who don’t know, Media is somewhat auto-biographical, the show focuses on Jackie Jones, the matriarch and magazine founder who’s character resembles the life of  Radio One founder Cathy Hughes and who starts from the bottom and now has an empire.
Kimble plays Anthony Jones, the youngest son, who has a drug addiction and his fair share of drama. As the youngest of his own family, the ability to relate was easy, “all the other stuff is acting” he laughs.

“We have a great cast, with Penny Johnson Jerald and Brian White, who has been in everything”

Blue Kimble of TV One’s Media

The cast and the story must be compelling because Media originally started as a movie miniseries and is now set for full production in the Spring of 2017. “This is the story of a black family that has wealth, worth and a business; this show portrays black people in a different light”
Kimble may have attended the acting class as a supporter, but says being on set is the best class he never signed up for, “I learn every day and really get to be in the company of some great actors, I’m learning from the best.”
In addition to his television career, Blue Kimble is a boss with his own production company, BK Productions. The company recently produced Ty Manns, The Wish a faith-based film about a beloved high school teacher’s kidney failure and her struggles as she awaits the kidney transplant. The film was done in conjunction with Donate Life America. “That’s the best part of acting, is the ability to help others”


“I love women, but I’m an actor so my life is different and she (whoever she is) will have to understand that.’

With so much on his plate, does he have time for love?

“I love women, but I’m an actor so my life is different and she (whoever she is) will have to understand that, I’m out here though” he smiles. Well if abs and a bright future help, finding “her’ won’t be hard. In the meantime soak up these images and keep your eye on this one, not that it’s hard to do, you’re definitely going to want to see more of what Mr. Kimble has to offer.

Check out our behind the scene’s footage of our Kontrol photo shoot with Blue Kimble.



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