Silisponge or Beauty Blender; You Be the Judge

So apparently, you now need a breast implant adjacent tool to apply your makeup…



I follow trends and make up tool alerts pretty regularly, but this one got by me, of course I ran to YouTube University (patent pending, don’t try it!) as soon as I heard and started looking at all the videos, which ranged from hilarious to confused.


The bigger question was, do you throw your Beauty Blender away and start using this new-found wedge of clear silicon or hold on to what is sacred? Well the verdict seems to still be out on that, some people loved it, some thought it was a crazy invention, but here’s what I know:

Brought to market by Molly Cosmetics the “Original” Silisponge is for people who feel like the BB takes up too much product and requires too much cleaning time. The sponge is also marketed as hypo-allergenic, with the amount of liquid or cream products needed only being about half, compared to directly using a brush or beauty blender.

If your hands looking like a science project, after application, are a problem, the Silisponge apparently keeps you from having that issue, and you can clean it with little effort.

I also noticed that silicone makeup seemed to work better with the new tool and that skin type (i.e. oily, dry) played a part in the appearance of the foundation afterwards as well.

That being said, it was also suggested that you can use an oval brush or BB to smooth out what the Silisponge doesn’t and well I’m not down for that. To be honest, I’m sticking with what I know.

You can watch better than I can tell you, so check out the videos that helped me get to my conclusion and hopefully reach one of your own.

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Later, beautiful one’s…

Jackie Aina reviews Silisponge




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