Why Are Single Baby Mamas So Bitter?


Meeting a great man isn’t easy, and accepting one with flaws isn’t too bad unless you’re dealing with a man that comes with “baby mama “baggage! Most women ask the same reoccurring question when dating men with children, and it’s usually “Why are single baby mama’s so bitter?


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Nobody wants to get into a relationship with a man whose child moms is hell bet on making his life miserable, which means that your happiness is short lived. Short loved meaning, once she’s ready to stick her teeth in him, your collateral damage and so are your feelings and everything you invested.


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Bitter baby mamas can ruin your life is you’re not a tough cookie with a little backbone that’s not afraid to stay in your lane but speak your mind. Not focusing on the other woman, but on your partner’s needs can make or break your relationship. It’s your partner’s responsibility to deal with the mother of his kids, not yours! Your only job is to support him give him sound advice, and show humility when accessing the situation.


We all want the family that we create to work, but sometimes it’s just not in the cards for us. Personalities clash, dreams become bigger, and our perspective on life can change with circumstances leaving us to want something different than we once did, and that’s fine. People evolve, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t co- parent!


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We like to believe that adults can co-parent without including their personal feelings but it’s not always true. There are so many men out there that get the short end of the stick in parenting because they decided that the relationships weren’t as important to them as raising their child and giving them stability.


Stability can be displayed in a variety of ways. Learning to have respect for one another while maintaining humility is a great way to show your child that the people that they love the most can be cordial and actually like one another long enough to demonstrate that they care. It’s not about the adults, or what went left in a situation, its all about the kid(s) and how providing a safe haven for them while they’re with either parent.


Written By: Tamara Butler

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