Six Steps to Maintaining Your Resolutions the Second Half of 2016

We’re halfway through 2016, have you kept your New Year’s resolution so far! If the answer is no, it’s alright because you still have time to change that. Study shows that about half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions yet only 8% actually achieve them. Here are 6 tips to get you rebooted and in that elite 8%.

Be Reasonable. A lot of you had the “new year, new me” attitude on January 1st and decided you were going to lose 10 pounds a month and do this, that, and the third. Stop it. You can’t completely be a new you in a few weeks. Take the time to redefine your goals and start off small. Concentrate on one thing at a time. If you haven’t exercised all year start today with a light jog. Then if you master that for a month, add weights next month, then cut down drinking the month after that, etc. etc.

Have Patience. Once you reset your goals to more realistic ones, understand that progress is never linear. Some people will start off the year with immediate success but have now hit a wall halfway through. Others like myself, taking the first few steps is a battle within itself and the progress might seem slow but eventually breakthroughs are accomplished. Lifestyle changes take time. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Have an Accountability Partner. You can’t tackle this journey alone. You need someone who is going to be there with you every step of the way to motivate, uplift, and respectfully call you out when you’re slipping. So if you haven’t had one the first six months, get you one right away!

Make the Time. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t have time” or “I’m so busy”? One of my favorite sayings I tell people is “People make time to do the things that they truly want to do or make excuses for things they really don’t want to do.” If you really want to change you’ll find the time to do so. Make your goals a priority and actually schedule them on your calendar. Block out the these times like you would a doctor’s appointment or a job interview. You wouldn’t miss those, so don’t miss your workout at the gym, or your time to meal prep, or whatever it is you want to change. That which is scheduled gets done.

Take the Little Steps. Some of you are guilty of this all in mentality. You either do right all day or if you mess up throughout you give up for the whole week! For example, you blow your diet today so you decide you’ll restart next Monday or just because you are a cupcake at work you justify eating McDonalds for dinner. Don’t do that! Make some effort, no matter how small. The difference between doing something rather than nothing is big! If you only have 20 minutes to workout versus a full hour, make it the best 20 minute workout! If you can’t save $200 this month due to financial hardships, still put something aside. Every little step counts.

No Matter What, Don’t Give Up. You’re not perfect. You’re going to mess up and possibly revert to old habits but don’t give up! Keep going! Don’t turn setbacks or temporary failures into total calamity or excuses for giving up. Instead, identify the relapse and recommit to your goals. Resiliency is key! Take it from Queen Bey, “A winner don’t quit on themselves!”

Kyree Shockley

Lifestyle Writer

Kyree Shockley is a published lifestyle writer for Kontrol Magazine. Hailing from the Midwest, Kyree is putting her writing skills to great use in the heart of Atlanta. Her work has been featured in various publications. Kyree is a lover of good wine, great food, Drake, and all things pink.

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