Does Size Really Matter, or Is It All in Your Head?

We’ll probably never hear the end of this because  penis size will almost always relate to power.  Most people were taught the bigger you are, the stronger you will be, but that may not be necessarily true when discussing our male counterparts.


woman looking at man penis

While some women care less about the size of a penis as long as they’re left satisfied, others are passionate about it being very specific down to length, width, and girth. Let’s face it; if you have to spend the rest of your life being pleasured by the same man over and over again, you at least want to be happy. Nobody’s signing up for a mediocre penis in 2016, especially if you’ve been introduced to something better.


We’re not talking apples and oranges here people,  that is why most women prefer to see what a man is working with before they start to invest too much into the relationship. I know it may sound shallow, but the worse thing a woman can do is fall in love with a man that turns her completely off sexually.  What else is it to look forward to after the Sparks is  gone?


Couple cuddling in bed


Of course,  some will argue that there are other things to receive  from a man besides his penis. Although all men aren’t blessed with bragging rights, some may know how to  really treat a woman.  Some women will rather taste a little bit of pleasure, but be spoiled in different ways. Sex is a major part of any relationship, but it doesn’t make the relationship.


Don’t look down on some men because of the size of their package; rather look at the size of their heart. There are so many men with so much to offer, such as financial stability, love, and a decent family life; if we can look pass their physical attributes. There’s always more beyond the surface, don’t lose out on a good man looking for the wrong things.


Written By: Tamara Butler

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