Skin 101- Back to the Basics

 A Basic Guide to A Healthy Glow

Growing up we were taught to wake up, wash our faces. Pretty simply huh ? Grab your white towel and unscented soap then wash and go. I call it Hotel soap but non the less that’s what we were taught. Somewhere down the line , the soap and water has changed into a bunch of chemical based products including scrubs , masks and moisturizers. These days it feels like in order to keep a clear skin regiment you got to break the bank.

Guess what ? It’s still pretty simple. Leave that face mask alone and let’s get back to the basics. There is no need for you to pile hundreds of dollars worth of products on your face . You’re clogging your pores and over treating them. According to Men’s Fitness Magazine “Layering on too many layers products can actually irritate the skin”.
Check out our guide to a healthier skin pre , post and without a work out .

Here’s how to get  healthier Skin

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Good face wash & lots of water

Whether you have oily , dry or in between skin, the secret is plenty of water and a great face wash. The key is using cold water and products that contain glycolic acid. Use just enough that it doesn’t irritate the skin. For a glow , use day and night and for a deeper clean wash with an exfoliating scrub at least twice a week.

Moisturizer is your bestfriend

Your face is like your body , it wants to feel soft and have a natural glow to it. Right after you’ve washed is the perfect time to add moisturizers. A damp face and an oil based moisturizer is like heaven to your face. If you already have oily skin , choose a water based product. Origins has a great GinZing Energy Boosting moisturizer.

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Say “Yes” to the gym

That’s right hitting the gym can actually help you get that glow you’ve been looking for. Exercising helps nourish the skin by increasing blood flow and keeping the your blood cells vital. Increasing your blood flow helps carry out debris and waste keeping your skin healthy and happy. Think of it as cleaning your skin from inside out according to WebMd.

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Drink plenty of H2O

Studies say 6-8 glasses for water a day is perfect. Remember moisturizing your face is only half of it. Your body deserves to stay hydrated too. Keep in mind that you should drink three times as much water as you do caffeine and alcohol. You don’t want them to counter the dehydrating effects.


ZZZ’z Matter

Nobody likes wrinkles , frown lines or breakouts. Want to avoid them ? It’s recommended that you get at least six to eight hours of sleep daily. During sleep your skin cells are in repair. Don’t let that wear and tear show in your face. Get you some sleep and watch that glow up .

Now that we’ve went back to the basics , here’s to an happy and healthy glow.

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