[VIDEO]: STAR’s Ryan Destiny & Quincy Cover Our ‘BreakThrough’ Issue

“Star”-Crossed? Ryan Destiny & Quincy Shed Light & Love On Lee Daniels’ New Hit Series!

The face of television has changed in no small part thanks to television’s mega hit series, EmpireAfter almost three seasons it still dominates the airwaves as the highest rated series on television. Thanks to its success, a number of series have debuted on Fox with African-American lead characters— Rosewood, Lethal Weapon, Pitch, and even a new spinoff of 24, 24: Legacy. Still, none of them can hold a candle to Fox’s newest hit series, Star. Set against the backdrop of Atlanta, the series entails the growing pains, successes, and pitfalls of a girl group trying to make it big in the music industry. Starring Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny, and Brittany O’Grady, alongside veteran actors Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt; the show has been met with rave reviews and critical acclaim!


Ryan Destiny Covers Kontrol Magazine
Ryan Destiny Covers Kontrol Magazine

Kontrol Magazine snagged an exclusive interview with two of the series’ stars, and its hottest couple, Ryan Destiny and Quincy! Ryan portrays “Alexandra ‘Alex’ Crane,” the privileged, but underestimated daughter of rock star, “Roland Crane” (Lenny Kravitz) and her alcoholic mother, “Rose” (Naomi Campbell). Wanting to make a name for herself and tiring of her mother’s self-destructive behavior, she gives up her extravagant life and Juilliard to meet with Star, a talented singer she met via Instagram. Star marks Ryan’s first major television role and although she is elated, she admits it has not quite realized it magnitude yet. It hasn’t quite hit me or anyone on the show yet so I guess it’ll hit more when it actually comes out…” She goes on to tell us who Alexandra is in her own words, “Alex is the singer, songwriter of the whole group. She’s from the Upper East Side of New York and her parents are famous people. Her dad’s a rock star and she just kinda wants to make it without them and break away from all of that…she’s a very passionate person, but very bossy and entitled at times….it all shows in her humanness— in the music that she makes– and it all makes sense as to why she puts her guard up so much…” 

Quincy covers Kontrol Magazine
Quincy Covers Kontrol Magazine


Much of the drama in the series takes place in Carlotta’s (Queen Latifah) beauty shop where things can get very dramatic and gritty quickly. It is during these times Alexandra stands out even more. Whereas the other characters are a bit more street smart and quick tempered, she sticks to her wits and senses. Perhaps this is why she is so drawn to Quincy’s character, “Derek,” who despite his troubled surroundings opts to “stay woke” and work towards bettering his community. …He’s an activist, he goes all ‘Black Lives Matter,’ know his rights, and what’s right. He just went through a rough patch and I think the day and age he is in now, with so much going on, it contradicts his upbringing…his dad was a cop and his hero and the one he looks up to…Now he’s being led into this empty space because of what’s going on and he’s just really trying to figure that out…” 
As Derek, he falls for Alexandra, who comes from a completely different world and mindset than his own conscious one. Interestingly, they fall for each other rather fast, bonding over the figurative loss of her mother and the actual loss of his. They are a true case of opposites attracting and give you the feel of a Shakespeare play with two lovers meant for each other, but star-crossed all the same. As Alexandra’s love interest I live next door to Queen Latifah’s character, ‘Carlotta’, and she welcomes him into her home….it’s like I’m here or I’m there [he laughs]…me and her [Alexandra’s] relationship is fun…but you get to see the conflict of how where they come from plays out…it either makes things rocky along the way or brings us closer…We will see.”

Ryan Destiny and Quincy for Kontrol Magazine

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Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning
Photography by: Allen Cooley
Grooming (Quincy): Jayson Glenn
Hair by: Nikk Nelson
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Styling by: Julian Lark
Assistant Stylists: Brandon Foster, Chanel Scales, Stephon Kelly, Kimberly Sanders
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