Kontrol Homme Radar: Do Women Really Do It Better?!

Sadly, the answer is yes; at least when it comes to street style this season. London Fashion Week came to a close and the Brits know a thing or two about putting a look together. In particular, the women looked so amazing that I had to dedicate an entire post this week just for them. Whether it was in the small details, the big picture, or the eye-catching accessories, London’s ladies came and showed out. They actually have me feeling a bit embarrassed. NYFW’s street style seemed so dry earlier this month. I’m glad to see someone somewhere is giving a little excitement on the concrete runways.

Take a look at my favorite style moments from London Fashion Week and stay tuned for more coverage. Milan Fashion Week wraps up today and tomorrow the shows move to Paris. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more great looks in the coming days!

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