Fresh Nail Polish Colors to Try for Your Next Mani or Pedi

During your next trip to the nail salon we suggest you try out some of the hottest colors of the season. If nail art is’t your cup of tea, peep some of our  nail color selections perfect for your next manicure or pedicure.



Yellow: Shine as bright as the sun in Ginger and Liz’s, Caution!

White: We live for white nail polish during the summer.

Blue: If dark blue it’s your shade, try a lighter hue like Jin Soon’s, Poppy Blue.

Orange:  Nothing screams summer like a vibrant orange pedicure! RGB’s, Monarch looks great on tanned skin.

 Pink: You can never go wrong with pink nail polish. We love this bold rosy shade from Chanel.

  Green: Dark greens are meant for the fall, try Essie’s soft green shade, First Timer.

Lilac: Keep it sweet and lady like with Sally Hasen’s, Lively Lilac.

Coral: Cover  your digits in Floss Gloss’ tropical shade, Bikini Coral.

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