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Syesha Mercado, The Fearless


In the years following placing second runner up in American Idol, Syesha Mercado has been a woman on the go. Since Idol, she has starred in the Broadway adaptation of Dreamgirls, playing the part of Deena Jones, actresses like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Beyonce made famous. Throughout her career, Syesha has fearlessly challenged herself as a performer, singing big anthem songs during the American Idol competition like I Will Always Love You, If I Aint Got You, and I Believe. She added her different flare to each song, greatly known by icons like Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, and Fantasia. In speaking with Mercado, her confidence and humility, go hand and hand. Frankly, she was more concerned with choosing popular songs that complimented her smooth sultry sound than worrying about any intimidation. She spoke about the challenges in picking songs during American Idol; even making known that some artist had to draw from a hat if competitors wanted to perform the same song. Simon Cowell, well known creator/judge on the show, once told Syesha that he felt her sound was made more for Broadway and less for pop music.

I asked Mercado if her transition into Broadway had anything to do with Cowell’s critique. She mentioned the impact of people in the industry and how staying true to herself and her sound always comes first.

However, when Syesha’s representation informed her about the Dreamgirls role, she jumped on the opportunity, which has lead to a starring role in another Broadway musical, Book of Mormon, which she is currently doing now. She plays the role of Nablungi.

In 2013, you can expect an album from Syesha. “It’s a pop and R&B album!” she mentioned. And with a sound influenced by Sade, the record is sure to be as confident, daring, and breathtaking ,as the vibrant star.

by Langston Blaze