BET’s Chasing Destiny Winners Reveals Group Name as June’s Diary
After auditioning thousands of girls across the United States, BET’s Chasing Destiny, created by GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum icon Kelly Rowland, reveals the name of the chosen group –  JUNE’S DIARY—Ashly Williams (Compton, CA), Brienna Devlogt (Trenton, NJ), Gabrielle Carreiro(Glendale, CA), Shyann Roberts (St. Petersburg, FL), and Kristal Lyndriette(Charlotte, NC). ... Read more
Madonna Blows Tribute to Prince at BBMAs & BET Immediately Throws #SHADE!
Millions were glued to their televisions last night for 2016’s Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). Celebrities, fashion, glitz, glamour, and most of all music dominated the night. The show was chalked full of some amazing performances by The Weeknd (Who now has more wins than any artist in BBMA history!),... Read more
CEO Debra Lee Joins Twitter’s Board of Directors
Chairman and BET’s CEO, Debra Lee has become the first African-American and newest addition to Twitter’s board of directors, according to a file with the Securities and Exchange Commission made on Monday. Since Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, took over the company, he’s been working diligently to give the board... Read more
Bryshere Gray Joins the Cast of BET’s New Edition
Congratulations Yazz! Fox Empire star Bryshere Gray (who portrays the role of youngest Lyon child, Hakeem) has just been added to the cast of the BET New Edition biopic. Bryshere will be portraying group member Michael Bivins, acting alongside the rest of the cast which will include Luke James... Read more
Sara Stokes of Diddy’s “Making the Band” Is Taking Legal Action Against BET
If you want YOUR story told, YOU should be the one to put it out there. That’s just my opinion. However, former MTV star Sara Stokes chose the reality TV path and according to her, her reputation was tarnished because of it. Like many celebrities who’s star has dimmed,... Read more
TV Magic! Kontrol TV Goes Behind The Scenes of BET’s Zoe Ever After!
When it comes to Brandy and television, the two are a match made in Heaven! Ms. Norwood shows off her acting chops in BET’s new hit series Zoe Ever After. Here, she stars as “Zoe Moon,” a recent divorcee who has started her own cosmetics company. Zoe, now a single mother,... Read more
Kelly Rowland Gears Up for New Album
Rowland Stones, where y’all at? Kelly has been in the studio and she’s been putting in work for us. Grammy Award winner Kelly Rowland has announced a new album, that will be a follow-up to her 2013 release “Talk a Good Game.” “I’ve recorded 45 songs to be completely honest,... Read more
Being Mary Jane- “Wake Up Call”
Being Mary Jane begins with The Pattersons spending some quality time together via a cookout at Mary Jane’s (MJ) house. MJ and Helen make the dressing for the salad, Neicey watches her children and sister, and Patrick and Paul discuss the latter’s recent successful sale at work. During dinner... Read more
Being Mary Jane- “If The Shoe Fits”
It’s Mary Jane’s birthday and the girl begins the latest episode of Being Mary Jane with some major splurging! First her stylist manages to find her the pink Berkin bag she has been looking for. She checks herself out with it on and finally decides to buy it for a... Read more