The World is Your Runway
Ladies and gentlemen, wherever you go, confidence is key. Once you show the world who is the boss, not only will you gain respect, but your self-esteem will skyrocket. The days of being in the background are no more! Tread on the sidewalk with confidence, and walk into your... Read more
Beyonce & Jay-Z DETHRONED! Check out Forbes Magazine New Highest Paid Couple!
Forbes Magazine royalty has officially been dethroned! That’s right, Jay-Z and Beyonce are no longer the most powerful power couple! This comes as a bit of a surprise considering that these two bat their eye lashes and make millions of dollars. Beyonce has music, clothing, appearances, and a Marvel... Read more
Janet Jackson vs. The World.
Everyone has been buzzing about the one and only Ms. Janet Jackson’s return to the studio and the stage and no doubt we are all on the edge of our seats for new music but the real celebration is that class is back in session for some of today’s... Read more
Are Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Calling It Quits?
Could ‘Omeeka’ be back to Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill? We’re not sure what’s going on but from the looks of their Instagram pages, things might be on the shaky side for the hip-hop couple. Usually taking to social media to let the world inside their relationship we could... Read more
Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z Collaboration On The Way?
Rapper Nicki Minaj has been on top of things in 2015 so far. She has another successful album underneath her belt, a highly anticipated tour that is about to kick back up, and a mean collaboration and visual with the Queen Bey herself that has social media buzzing as... Read more
The Jersey Swimsuit Phenomenon
Beyonce and Nicki Minaj recently came out on Tidal with the music video for the song, Feeling Myself.  In the song we saw many fashion statements including a Chicago Bulls jersey swimsuit with Derrick Rose number (1) on the front. Thanks to Beyonce, this jersey swimsuit has now set a... Read more
Tidal Drops ‘Feeling Myself’ Video
Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better, Tidal released the Feeling Myself video. The girl videos are winning this week and its only Monday! The queen of Rap “stingin’” with Queen B. The two “dope-girls” clearly have a dope bond… why else would you throw french-fries... Read more
Tidal Exec Adds More Fuel To Rumored Jay-Z and Beyoncé Joint Album
Tidal may have experienced some rough weather on its way into the music streaming world but the tides may be heading in the right direction soon. Tidal makes its whole case on being the best music streaming application by providing subscribers with exclusive content from some of the world’s biggest... Read more
The Fashion Tea: Is Beyonce campaigning with Givenchy?
Warm up that tea everyone because, there is some inside scoop that involves Beyonce’ and fashion house Givenchy. So, recently Beyonce was seen getting her chest contoured by a makeup artist. Also, on the same day she was seen posing for a photos and conversing with Givenchy’s creative director... Read more