Celebrities, Politicians and Athletes All Speak Out Following This Week’s Tragedies
A very brief recap of this week – On Wednesday, a man named Alton Sterling was selling CD’s out of a convenience store in Louisiana. There was an altercation between him and two police officers that resulted in Sterling being gunned down, shot six times and killed. There was... Read more
Just when you thought the drama surrounding “Becky with the good hair” from Beyonce’s now infamous Lemonade album had died down, Damon Dash throw in his two cents. As you may recall, the woman believed by most to be Becky–the woman Jay-Z allegedly had an affair with–Rachel Roy is his... Read more
2016 BET Awards Winners Circle
If you’ve already checked out our 2016 BET Awards Show Recap, you’re on the right track because this is our second-installment, the Winners Circle. Best Male R&B/Pop Artist — Bryson Tiller Best Female R&B/Pop Artist — Beyoncé Best Actor — Michael B. Jordan Best Actress — Taraji P. Henson... Read more
The 2016 BET Awards: Fashion Recap
The Hottest award show went down last night in a major way, in dedication to the life of Prince the BET Awards was the talk of the night with awesome performances from Bryson Tiller, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé herself. With funny hosts Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson... Read more
2016 BET Awards Recap
After this year’s jam-packed event, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the BET Awards should officially be changed to the BET Turn Up because anytime all of our favorite artists pack a house, a turn up is definitely sure to ensue. From Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar opening... Read more
Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Begin Filming for their HGTV Project
When it comes to favorite Black celebrity couples, Denzel and Pauletta, Will and Jada, Omar and Keisha and Jay and Beyonce are some of the names always come out of people’s mouths but there’s always a couple or two left out of the mix; and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane... Read more
Lady Gaga in Talks to Lead “A Star Is Born” Remake
Go Gaga! Go Gaga! It looks as if singer Lady Gaga has gotten bit by the acting bug and she seems to be loving it. It was clear that she was made for the big screen after she won a Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story,... Read more
The CFDA Awards: Fashion Recap
At the CFDA Awards, fashion insiders get together to celebrate the best practitioners of their craft, but you don’t have to be an expert to appreciate the red carpet’s best dressed. This is the party to which Rihanna wore that infamous see-through dress in 2014, after all. This year’s red... Read more
Kontrol Exclusive: Ebony Williams Talks Dancing with Beyonce, Challenges as a Dancer, Lack of Diversity in Ballet and more!
Who is Ebony Williams? Ebony Williams is an outstanding ballerina from Boston, who can grace us with her leaps and pirouettes; as well as her edgy hip-hop moves and booty shaking on stage with Beyoncé. More importantly, Ebony is someone we could all learn a few lessons from–and I’m... Read more