NBA Stylist Defends James Harden’s Floral T-Shirt Fashion
That playoff fashion game tho?   James Harden made a bit of a bold statement when he showed up to Game 4 of the Houston Rockets versus Dallas Mavericks this past Sunday (April 26). It wasn’t his court skills that did the talking, but more of his fashion game... Read more
Singer/songwriter Natasha Mosley sits down with Kontrol and talks about her new EP “Rose Hall”, fashion, beauty, and why big voices come in small packages!
Natasha Mosley  is a singer/songwriter that packs a powerful punch with her voice. Hailing at 4′ 11, Natasha can belt notes that someone twice her size can not complete. Recently I had the chance to sit down with her and talk about her new EP “Rose Hall” (which has... Read more
F&W STYLE is excited to announce that The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Gift Shop is now carrying our Summer 2015 Collection. The Ritz-Carlton is a luxury Hotel chain that operates 84 luxury hotels and resorts in major cities and resorts in 26 countries worldwide. Look for F&W Style handbags currently in... Read more
Outfit of the Day: Tatyana Ali
Tatyana Ali, an actress, R&B singer, Havard University grad, and Fresh Prince‘s babygirl is our lady of grace for ‘Outfit of the Day’! Tatyana Ali is the epitome of style and grace! Posting pictures on Instagram like she’s posing for a spread in a magazine and honey I am here for it! She is serving... Read more
Designer Spotlight:  IMITATION BY JERELL
“Created by designer, Jerell Gantt, IMITATION BY JERELL is where art and fashion blissfully collide. With custom fashion, accessories and shoes, this line is guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd! Be prepared to escape to your fantasies with, IMITATION BY JERELL.” We sat down with Jerell... Read more
Kylie Jenner Defends Being Called ‘Racist’ After Labeled “Blackface” Photo Shoot Hits Social Media
After being attacked by Twitter over her recent photo shoot with Marcelo Cantu and comments made, Kylie Jenner is now speaking out to address rumors of being “racist”. The growing fashionista took to social media to defuse and defend her labeled ‘blackface’ shoot that the reality starlet recently did. After... Read more
Top 10 Trends to Spring Into
A trend is a fashion or general direction in which something is changing and or developing. In today’s society, we go through many phases in fashion. The “trend” is a phase in the fashion cycle much like a fad. Trends come and go in this cycle. In the words... Read more
Top Accessories You Need Right Now
The best thing about an amazing outfit, other than the outfit itself of course, is the accessories you use to accompany it! I’m going to show you 10 of my favorite accessory trends right now!  Read more
The show may be called Single Ladies, but that does not mean only the ladies get to shine. You know him best as Omar Kearse, our favorite Atlanta ladies’ gay bestie and stylist extraordinaire, but there’s more to the man behind THE MAN of Single Ladies–Travis Winfrey! Whether he is stealing the... Read more