1 Garb, 3 Looks: The Slip Dress
1 garb, 3 looks: The slip dress, is fully inspired by Rihanna Fenty and her amazing street style.  Pajama-like outfits were made popular by the fashion icon when she stepped out in what seemed to be sleepwear during the day time.  In a satin slip dress, sandals and a... Read more
North West Flaunts Curls
Kim and Kanye make celebrity news everyday and always manage to be featured on the cover of high profile magazines, but this time all eyes are on their little one, North West. While she may be one of the most stylish toddlers around, she has a variety of hairstyles... Read more
Drake introduces a Women’s Collection via his Ovo Brand
Drake takes a stab at women’s fashion by introducing a 2015 Women’s Capsule Collection to the Ovo brand.  The casual collection features basic pieces and sportswear.  The dominant color is black with the occasional white, gold or red accent color.  The collection defines the, “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup... Read more
1 Garb, 3 Looks: The Pom Pom Hat
The pom pom hat is a fun accessory to have if you want to add an urban twist to your outfit.  Typically, a woman who is dressed  for comfort would find no qualms in throwing on a cap and heading out the door.  The pom pom hat proves that... Read more
High Fashion

High Fashion

Fashion November 17, 2015 0

There are two types of fashionistas in this world–the “bargain hunter,” and the “name brand hunter.” While we see that great looks can be created from both high end stores to the thrift shop down the street, the demand of high priced garments are still present. How much are... Read more
Kendall Jenner for Vogue Magazine Dec. Issue
Kendall Jenner has graced the pages of Vogue Magazine on several occasions.  This time around she ends her eventful year with an Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot captured by the infamous Mert  Alas and Marcus Piggott for the fashion magazine.  The modern day spin on the children’s fairytale shows Kendall’s range... Read more
Pump Life into Your Wardrobe
They say don’t throw anything away that you have in your closet–but when you look in your’s, you might find a pile of clothes making you ask the question, “Why did I buy this?”  It may have been a trendy piece at the time, but you’re over it today. Before... Read more
Rihanna Launches a New Styling and Beauty Agency
Just because Rihanna‘s latest album hasn’t dropped as of yet doesn’t mean she’s sitting at home twiddling her thumbs; the pop star is definitely putting in work to maintain her multiple streams of income. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rihanna has quietly launched two new agencies — one for... Read more
1 Garb 3 Looks- Seasonal Sweaters
With the holidays rolling around again, you might be on your way to your grandmother’s house– the one who gave you that “ugly sweater,” for christmas last year.  Get inspired by these “OOTD,” and you’ll never hear grandmas say, “Where is that sweater I bought you for Christmas,” again.... Read more