The List: MTV VMAs Best Dressed
The 2015 VMAS has proved to be entertaining to say the least… With Kanye declaring his candidacy for president in 2020. Or Nick Minaj’s abrupt warning to Miley concerning her negative commentary towards the “Anaconda” rapper. The shenanigans that took place the awards show was definitely colorful.   However,... Read more
Pure Hotness! Lee Daniels & The Cast of Empire Kill Their Spread in Vogue Magazine’s September Issue!
Just when you thought the cast of Empire could not be any hotter they pop up in Vogue Magazine! Yep the world’s most famous fashion publication apparently has Empire fever like the rest of the world. Lee Daniels joined “The Lyons;” (l-r) Bryshere “Yazz The Greatest” Gray, Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson,... Read more
Picking the perfect outfit for the perfect date
Whether it’s your first date or your twentieth you want to make sure your look is just right. You spent so much time planning the date that you forgot to plan your outfit and now you’re stuck. It’s too late to go shopping for something new and even if... Read more
Why the Classic Man look is the new male standard
With Artists like Jidenna, the self-proclaimed Classic Man, it’s safe to say that the nature men’s fashion is changing. Men picking whatever’s clean to wear is no longer acceptable. No, not all men are guilty of this, but they’re starting to be called out. This isn’t discredit men who’ve... Read more
How To be an All-Star in All-White
What is summer without an all-white party … or 2, or 3? I am sure if you have not attended an all-white party that you will be attending one before the summer’s end. Personally any party that requires me to dress in the same color as hundreds of other... Read more
OUT! Calvin Klein features Same-Sex Couple in New Fall Ad!
                    Fashion and sexting? An interesting combination, especially when you see Calvin Klein’s latest ad featuring same-sex love. Klein’s Fall 2015 ad, in an effort to captive the eighteen to twenty-five year old demography, is featuring models as couples sexting... Read more
5 Style Mistakes Women Make
Improper Undergarments I am sure that every woman has heard this before, but “a better bra makes for a better you.” This is true, because you want the “ladies” to sit nice and right. A well fitting bra can make you look slimmer and enhance an hour-glass figure. So... Read more
5 Brands Making a Resurgence
L.A. Gear You’d be hard press to find an 80’s baby who wasn’t excited about rocking a brand new pair of L.A. Lights sneakers to school.  The combination of a dope sneaker that lights up. You can’t beat that! L.A. Gear is re-launching their brand starting with the ‘Liquid... Read more
This Jenner Girl’s Got It! Kendall Jenner is Super Sexy in New Calvin Klein (@CalvinKlein) Ad!
Another day, another hot moment for a member of The Kardashian-Jenner Clan! Kendall Jenner is at it again, slaying the world in yet another fashion campaign. This time around Calvin Klein has it hooks in her and it results in one of the sexiest ads in the company’s history.... Read more