The show may be called Single Ladies, but that does not mean only the ladies get to shine. You know him best as Omar Kearse, our favorite Atlanta ladies’ gay bestie and stylist extraordinaire, but there’s more to the man behind THE MAN of Single Ladies–Travis Winfrey! Whether he is stealing the... Read more
It’s that time of week again! Style Spy time! Ever walk past someone in the streets and think to yourself how much you like what they have on! Style Spy is exactly that! Capturing that instance in which paths are crossed and you scope out a person or people... Read more
‘Snapback’ To Reality
Winter is over and Spring has sprung! So yes, beanies can be worn in the Spring, but with the warm weather you’ll end up with sweaty hair and ladies once you wear the beanie don’t even think about taking it off because you’ll have flat, hat hair. I like... Read more
This past Friday, March 20th, I had the pleasure of attending Colour U Cosmetics’ event, The Art Of Colour U, at Blue Mark Studios! I had the most amazing time! Upon entry you checked in and set foot into a lively atmosphere set by live disc jockey DJ GorJess!... Read more
As the weather warms up it gets more and more difficult to keep both natural and relaxed hair perfectly straightened. Sometimes we as women get bored with our every day look and need to change it up. Whether you braid it up, weave it up, whatever. Protective styling is... Read more
The Towel Series: Mario Testino
I’m sure you’ve all seen the hashtags dubbed The Towel Series. Well thanks to Mario Testino we are seeing a lot of celebs in nothing but a towel! The Towel Series works like this: Testino invites who he sees fit to his “private club,” shoots them in their towel, and... Read more
Designer Spotlight: Lamont Rudolph
Designer Spotlight: Lamont Rudolph Original, innovative, and creative are just a few words that come to mind when I think of designer Lamont Rudolph.  The one word that fully epitomizes him as a designer is dedication. (Seriously, he had to be pried away from his sewing machine to complete the... Read more
Does Scandal Affect Where You Shop?
When it comes to Urban Outfitters, the trendy, youthful, hippy clothing store seems to have a plethora of customers catering to its colorful patterns and designs. However, through heavy research from the past, there may be some things we may not know about it regarding its degradation of race.... Read more
Eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether we’re shielding our eyes from the UV rays or simply trying to catch some sleep on the train, shades have become a staple in our lives. With so many cool styles to choose from cat-eye, round, aviator, and square we like to switch... Read more