OUT! Calvin Klein features Same-Sex Couple in New Fall Ad!
                    Fashion and sexting? An interesting combination, especially when you see Calvin Klein’s latest ad featuring same-sex love. Klein’s Fall 2015 ad, in an effort to captive the eighteen to twenty-five year old demography, is featuring models as couples sexting... Read more
5 Style Mistakes Women Make
Improper Undergarments I am sure that every woman has heard this before, but “a better bra makes for a better you.” This is true, because you want the “ladies” to sit nice and right. A well fitting bra can make you look slimmer and enhance an hour-glass figure. So... Read more
5 Brands Making a Resurgence
L.A. Gear You’d be hard press to find an 80’s baby who wasn’t excited about rocking a brand new pair of L.A. Lights sneakers to school.  The combination of a dope sneaker that lights up. You can’t beat that! L.A. Gear is re-launching their brand starting with the ‘Liquid... Read more
This Jenner Girl’s Got It! Kendall Jenner is Super Sexy in New Calvin Klein (@CalvinKlein) Ad!
Another day, another hot moment for a member of The Kardashian-Jenner Clan! Kendall Jenner is at it again, slaying the world in yet another fashion campaign. This time around Calvin Klein has it hooks in her and it results in one of the sexiest ads in the company’s history.... Read more
A Must Have! Taaluma Totes–Backpacks that “Carry a Country!”
Backpacks are one of the few accessories that never go out of style. Wisely, two young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of customized totes (bags) made from the local fabrics of different countries–Taaluma Totes! This means if you cannot afford to travel to the country of your dreams,... Read more
How To: Denim Vests
People seem to think that denim is such a tricky thing to style when it’s not concerning jeans. Denim has to be the easiest thing to style. This is due to the simple fact that denim can be worn in so many different ways. I wear denim like it’s... Read more
#LIFE! Kendall Jenner & Naomi Campbell Serve All Sorts of it at The Givenchy Fashion Show!
Mens’ Fashion Week is definitely in full swing and some amazing male designers have showcased some new and trendy pieces to die for! None, however, come close to the Givenchy Fashion show. Not only were pieces in the show unique, wearable, and catchy; budding model Kendall Jenner and fashion... Read more
Roc Nation Has A Clothing Line
Roc Nation has made moves in music, sports, and other business ventures. Now they have added another catalog to their brand: clothing. Roc Nation is looking to offer the public with the fresh, new release of Roc Nation Apparel. Emory Jones, who is Jay-Z’s longtime right-hand man, has developed the... Read more
Sarah Jessica Parker Delivers her SJP Shoe Collection to Bloomingdale’s in NYC!
Carrie Bradshaw maybe a beloved fictional character, but one thing she and the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, have in common is their love for shoes. As you may already know Sarah released her own line of shoes, The SJP Collection, and they are amazing! Heels of all shapes, colors,... Read more