Jay Z Sued for $20 Million for Failing to Promote His Own Fragrance
He’s got 99 problems and now his fragrance is one – and they’ve hit him with a lawsuit to boot! Rapper/ Mogul Sean “Jay Z” Carter is facing a rather hefty $20 million lawsuit from Parlux Fragrances, the perfume distributor responsible for his signature fragrance ‘Gold.’ The company claims... Read more
Rita Ora Sues to be Released From Roc Nation
Unless your name is Kanye West or Rihanna, I guess you don’t matter to Roc Nation - at least that’s how Rita Ora feels. According to Billboard, the actress and songstress is suing her label to be release her. According to Billboard: In a complaint filed on Thursday in... Read more
The Man Behind the Art Empire; D.L. Warfield
D.L.Warfield may not be a familiar name to many, but his work has caught the eye of many artists from Usher to Earth, Wind, and Fire. From his work with LaFace Records, D.L. has pushed the envelope from the stigma of being a “struggling artist”. Creating album artwork for ... Read more
Plot Twist: Shutting Down Jay Z & Rihanna Rumors
Some might say that celebrities live in their own bubble.  They live lavishly, traveling the world, dinning at the greatest restaurants and have oodles and oodles of money to blow. With this lifestyle also comes the sacrifice of personal life and privacy as we see way too many times... Read more
Jay-Z Announces TIDAL X 10/20 Festival in Brooklyn
Rapper turned mogul Shawn Carter, better known as Jay Z is celebrating TIDAL reaching 1,000,000 subscribers by throwing TIDAL X: 1020 – the first concert in a series of philanthropic music events. The concert will take place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center (of course) in Brooklyn on October 20th. (2/16)... Read more
Jay Z and Will Smith to Produce HBO Miniseries About Emmett Till
Jay Z and Will Smith sign on to jointly produce an HBO miniseries about Emmett Till. If you are African-American, the story of Emmett Till has been told to you for years and you know how it helped shaped our history as a whole. If you’ve never heard the... Read more
Beyonce & Jay-Z DETHRONED! Check out Forbes Magazine New Highest Paid Couple!
Forbes Magazine royalty has officially been dethroned! That’s right, Jay-Z and Beyonce are no longer the most powerful power couple! This comes as a bit of a surprise considering that these two bat their eye lashes and make millions of dollars. Beyonce has music, clothing, appearances, and a Marvel... Read more
Roc Nation Has A Clothing Line
Roc Nation has made moves in music, sports, and other business ventures. Now they have added another catalog to their brand: clothing. Roc Nation is looking to offer the public with the fresh, new release of Roc Nation Apparel. Emory Jones, who is Jay-Z’s longtime right-hand man, has developed the... Read more
Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z Collaboration On The Way?
Rapper Nicki Minaj has been on top of things in 2015 so far. She has another successful album underneath her belt, a highly anticipated tour that is about to kick back up, and a mean collaboration and visual with the Queen Bey herself that has social media buzzing as... Read more