Livin’ Lozada! Evelyn Lozada Covers The Pure Glamour Issue Of Kontrol Magazine
Life is the epitome of extremes. Sometimes you can feel like you are flying higher than any cloud and living all of your dreams. Then, there are those other times where you feel like you are sinking in quicksand and cannot escape to save your life! Truly, we have... Read more
Ink My Whole Body: The Chaos & Coolness of Ricky Havok!
Some people love art, some people live artistically, while still others are art incarnate. That is what City of Ink tattoo artist, Ricky Havok is–a man who is a walking work of art. Ricky takes the jazz, soul,and beauty of the feminine form and puts it to skin with... Read more
Ink My Whole Body: Master of “The One Time Line!” Check Out My Boy, Chris Davis!
Art flows in lots of different directions. Like a river, you always feel you can predict or chart its course; but give it a little rainwater and it soon swells into an elemental force all its own. That is what City of Ink tattooist, Chris Davis is–an unpredictable artist... Read more
Ink My Whole Body: Tatted & Terrific! Kickin’ It w/ Kandace Layne (@kandacelayneart)!
They say it’s hard out there for a pimp, well it is definitely hard out there for ladies too. Especially when you are a female tattoo artist. Kandace Layne is her name, and she is just as talented as any male tattooist. So how does this amazing inker stay... Read more
Macklemore Opens Up About Suffering Drug Relapse
Dear Fame, I blame you… -Macklemore Rapper Macklemore has had a long history of drug addiction and reveals that he battled addiction when he was younger and he started taking pills and smoking weed again while working new music with collaborator Ryan Lewis due to the “pressure” of fame. The... Read more
Jay Z and Will Smith to Produce HBO Miniseries About Emmett Till
Jay Z and Will Smith sign on to jointly produce an HBO miniseries about Emmett Till. If you are African-American, the story of Emmett Till has been told to you for years and you know how it helped shaped our history as a whole. If you’ve never heard the... Read more
For years there has been talk amongst black models about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry and folks are finally starting to listen and take a step in the right direction. W Magazine has decided to feature all black models in a new photo spread for its... Read more
Rochelle Aytes dishes on the hit ABC show “Mistresses”, beauty and why she is so grateful to be in the industry.
No matter what your career goals are in life remember there is one major factor that can make the decision between success and failure. This factor has the potential to make or break one’s long term and or short term aspirations. Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with Rochelle... Read more
MMG and Def Jam Recordings really put on a show yesterday in the city of Atlanta. Gunplay gave the city a chance to come party with him and listen to his new album “Living Legend” that will be available July 31. From producers, bloggers, fans and even photographers, everyone... Read more