A New Path: Gucci Mane Celebrates Being Sober in NYC
This past Thursday, rapper Gucci Mane celebrated being free at the Dirty French on the Lower East side of NYC.  Gucci Mane was excited to announce that he celebrated the event completely sober! Atlantic Records, his label, threw the Atlanta rapper a “Welcome to New York Dinner”, where he... Read more
Anton Starkman Making A Mark In Tinseltown
Written by. Chalise Macklin Anton Starkman got his start as an actor by following in the footsteps of his older brothers who were pursuing the craft. He landed his first job at five on the Young and Restless and ever since then; he has been creating a name for... Read more
#CelebrityCrush Shameik Moore
In one word, today’s #CelebrityCrush is DOPE! From his captivating smile, to his milk chocolate skin complexion, its not hard to see why we’re infatuated with the actor Shameik Moore. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Shameik’s start in the Entertainment industry was filled with him filling minor roles in... Read more
Key And Peele Talk About New Movie: Storks
Written by. Chalise Macklin Really, very funny!! That is how Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key describe the new animated movie Storks. The emmy winning duo play Alpha and Beta Wolf in the film. The movie begins at Cornerstore.com (an Amazon type company) that used to deliver babies, but now deliver... Read more
[New Music] JoJo featuring Remy Ma “Fab”
In case I’ve never told you guys before, I love me some Joanna Levesque. I bought her very first CD ” JOJO” and to this day, “Use My Shoulder”, “Breezy”, “Keep on Keeping On”, and “Fairy Tales” are on my music playlist.   Just yesterday, JoJo stepped up to... Read more
In a World Full of Socialites, Be Yourself
It’s hard logging onto social media every day and having the latest ‘beat faced’ celebrity looking back at you. They’re baddies with bodies, brows, highlight and contours for the gawds and followers who literally buy any and everything their name is associated to. And I get it; we live... Read more
[Trailer] Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Star in New Sci-Fi Film “Passengers”
Is it bad that the hopeless romantic in me wants to see Jennifer Lawrence fall in love while in space? I mean, let’s be clear, she is hands down one of the hottest women to grace Tinsel Town and with Hollywood hunk Chris Pratt as her leading man, I... Read more
#CelebrityCrush Justin Hartley
Ladies, grab a napkin because it’s about to be another hot Monday and trust and believe I came through for you this week with #CelebrityCrush. If you grew up sneaking to catch the afternoon soaps or ‘Smallville’ was one of your favorite programs a few years back then today’s... Read more
Brandon Marshall Gains An Endorsement Deal from Russell Simmons in the Midst of Losing Two
While the Colin Kaepernick decision of not to stand during the National Anthem seems to be rattling some, others have banded together to show their love and support. On Thursday night, Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall also decided not to stand for the National Anthem and instead opted to... Read more