Al Pacino Hasn’t Ruled Out Marriage Just Yet
The actor best known for his roles as Tony Montana in Scarface and as Michael Corleone in The Godfather films doesn’t expect to tie the knot so late in life, in fact he admits that he has not ruled out getting married. He said “Of course it’s possible [I’ll... Read more
Be Reebok Ready This Spring
Spring is a time for refreshing and renewal. We Spring clean as to symbolize out with the old and in with the new. Reebok definitely did some Spring cleaning! In with the new Reebok Furylite! Reebok Classic couldn’t have picked a better time like the fresh season of Spring... Read more
Inspired! (Winter Fash Inspired by Kim K)
                    Winter Fash With A Little Sass: Why be on one side or the other when you can be neutral!? Winter fashion has shown trends of nudes, khakis, olives, and classic blacks. Kim Kardashian West has been a bit of a trailblazer... Read more
Give your beauty products a MAKE OVER with these tips!
Are you the type of girl that own a lot of make up products, brushes, combs, and hair care tools? Is your sink not only covered with skin care products but hair as well? Is your flat iron begging for an upgrade? If so, make sure you tune into... Read more
Want to keep your makeup fresh? YOU MAKE THE CALL!!
Have you ever saw a person with makeup on and it looks extremely dry? Do you wonder why their face is hard as bricks? Let me give you a clue. They are probably using the wrong products or even make up tools that have expired. Check out this run... Read more
Have you ever heard of the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Or even the classic phrase you heard your parents use for years, “you are beautiful in your own right”. With all the help from social media, TV, WorldStar other outlets of communication, our society... Read more
Vitamins that can enhance your beauty!!!
Who doesn’t want younger, smoother, softer skin? After spending countless dollars on products that promise great results, where do we draw the line? After all, dieting, exercising, refraining from smoking or drinking and living an active lifestyle can keep our look youthful. Even drinking gallons of water can keep... Read more
Take full #Kontrol of your hair with EZ Out Weave! Say good bye to scissors!
Do you enjoy getting your weave done? Are you the type of girl who lives for Brazilian Body hair down to your butt? Does a sew-in give your hair the ability to grow and become strong yet full of luster? Do you believe your weave should always be on... Read more
Jeff Chery shoots video for club banger “Sorry”!
Rising hip hop artist Jeff Chery has made a good power move and shot a video for the club knocking track “Sorry”. This song is featured on the Rolling Stones 2 mixtape hosted by Jeff himself. It will be released next month. Not only is the song produced by... Read more