Is Juicing Really Healthy?
Every couple of months it seems there is a news report about the newest and hottest fad diet, weight-loss tip or super food. Juicing is one of those weight-loss tips whose popularity has risen over the last couple years. Even I had for a time sworn that juicing was... Read more
Cropping Up! : A Look at the Cropped Pant Trend
Back-to-school is almost here and that means fall fashion is in full effect. While the fashion world is already onto fall styles, the steamy summer temperature says otherwise for the rest of us. It’ll be a tad bit longer before we will be wearing sweaters and full-length pants. In... Read more
COS: Minimalist Dressing on a Budget
In a perfect world I would step out everyday in a pristine Celine or Jil Sander ensemble. However, the universe has not quite aligned my financial stars in order for me to be able to afford such a wardrobe. Thus I have been happily forced to use my creativity... Read more
How To be an All-Star in All-White
What is summer without an all-white party … or 2, or 3? I am sure if you have not attended an all-white party that you will be attending one before the summer’s end. Personally any party that requires me to dress in the same color as hundreds of other... Read more
TREND ALERT: Leather Purse Stickers
I remember when my Trapper Keeper was full of sparkly ‘Pretty, Pretty Pony’ stickers. I would carry it proudly down the hall, perfectly tucked under my arm as to not cover any of the stickers. Who would imagine almost 20 plus years later I’d get to revel in the... Read more
Holiday Goody- Easy Strawberry Cake
Happy 4th of July!! If you’re wondering what dessert to make for this special occasion my Easy Strawberry Cake is a holiday goody and favorite that will come out looking like you spent hours in the kitchen baking it, but in reality will leave you more time to spend... Read more
Stream Bilal ‘s New Album on Pandora Before It Releases
The King of cool and funk is back. R&B/soul and funk artist Bilal is prepared to give you those cool and groovy vibes to match that summer heat you’re getting at those festive cookouts and pool parties. And get this, you don’t have to wait for the Summer soundtrack album either! Pandora is... Read more
Roc Nation Has A Clothing Line
Roc Nation has made moves in music, sports, and other business ventures. Now they have added another catalog to their brand: clothing. Roc Nation is looking to offer the public with the fresh, new release of Roc Nation Apparel. Emory Jones, who is Jay-Z’s longtime right-hand man, has developed the... Read more
Taraji P. Henson Hospitalized
Breaking news: actress Taraji P. Henson gave everyone quite a scare yesterday. The lady behind “Cookie” of the hit television series “Empire” was hospitalized Friday. Taraji’s rep-woman reports that “Taraji is going to be fine. It was mostly exhaustion.” Henson also posted this picture on her Instagram with the following caption:... Read more