Kontrol Exclusive: Jason “J” Carter The Man Behind The Music
Imagine being able to sit back, relax, and watch live performances from 15 of your favorite artist all in one day. Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream; you can experience that and more by attending the One MusicFest in Atlanta, Georgia.  Recently, Kontrol had the opportunity to... Read more
New Movie Alert: “MORGAN” (Don’t Let It Out)
Are you in the mood to see a good horror story? One that will keep you on the edge of your seat? If you answered yes, then you definitely don’t want to miss the new must see thriller, “MORGAN”. It is guaranteed to make you jump out of your... Read more
Cutting It In The ATL- “What’s In The Bag?”
Maja has a new business idea, Beautii wants an apology, Dedra becomes the bigger person, and Mushiya sings. Those are just some of the things you missed if you didn’t catch last night’s episode of “Cutting It In The ATL”. If you missed last night’s drama, don’t worry I... Read more
Elle Canada Showcases Black Women to show off Black Hairstyles
Elle Canada has done what needed to be done a long time ago! Their September issue shows black women wearing black cultural hairstyles and we are here for it! The story is called “Natural Anthem Beauty Shoot” it shows off six beautiful models (each rich in melanin) rocking braids,... Read more
Foodie Friday: 5 Fair Foods You Can Make At Home
Happy Friday Foodies! Summer is almost over and you can’t have a complete summer without visiting your local state fair! Some people go to the fair to ride the rides or to pet the animals or even just people watch. But most people go to the fair for one... Read more
The Mighty Fall of Skinny Jeans.
By: Eric Kelley II    The New Boyz had no idea that the fade they would introduce to the world would last longer than their careers. Since ‘09, the reign of skinny jeans been in heavy rotation with designers make them in different fabrics to keep them in every... Read more
Throwback Thursday: Martin Lawrence Making A Return To Stand-Up With First Comedy Special In 14 Years
Martin Lawrence made a name for himself back in the 90s with his self-titled comedy sitcom, “Martin”.  Lawrence went on to appear in box office hits such as “Blue Streak”, “Big Momma’s House”, and “Bad Boys”.  Since then it appears that Martin Lawrence has taken a sort of hiatus... Read more
Columbia Records to Release Soundtrack to Southside With You Friday
Columbia Records is releasing music from the motion picture: Southside With You on Friday, August 26, the same day the movie premiers in theaters. The official soundtrack to the MIRAMAX®, Roadside Attractions and IM Global critically acclaimed movie,- inspired by the first date of Barack and Michelle Obama –... Read more
Indigo & Blue Blue Jean.
  By: Eric Kelley II  Get to know the brand that is keeping the hue Indigo alive! Blue Blue Japan is a clothing label based out the Tokyo Brand Okura. Now that Blue Blue Japan is making staple pieces of beautiful Indigo, they’re becoming pretty popular in the wardrobes... Read more