GabiFresh for ASOS Curve A/W ’15
Fall shopping has arrived and I am diligently making a list of must-haves for the impending cooler season ahead. ASOS is the first place that I go to browse for the latest fall styles. While I am generally always excited to peruse the virtual aisles of ASOS Curve, I... Read more
New Collab: Calvin Klein X Open Ceremony
2015 has truly been the year of collaboration, I am not quite sure yet if this is just a trend. Or if collaboration between brands is just the new wave of doing business. While brand collaboration might be trendy for the moment in the biz world, it is a... Read more
Picking the perfect outfit for the perfect date
Whether it’s your first date or your twentieth you want to make sure your look is just right. You spent so much time planning the date that you forgot to plan your outfit and now you’re stuck. It’s too late to go shopping for something new and even if... Read more
Why the Classic Man look is the new male standard
With Artists like Jidenna, the self-proclaimed Classic Man, it’s safe to say that the nature men’s fashion is changing. Men picking whatever’s clean to wear is no longer acceptable. No, not all men are guilty of this, but they’re starting to be called out. This isn’t discredit men who’ve... Read more
To accessorize or not to accessorize? That is the question.
So you’re standing in the mirror and your look is almost complete, but something is missing. You’re not sure what, so you look into your jewelry box and dive in. STOP! You’re about to commit fashion suicide. That perfect outfit you just spent an hour putting together has been... Read more
For the past few years natural hair has been a trend. Even though there are girls and women who’ve been natural their entire lives, it’s taken the rest of the world a while to catch on. For those who don’t know natural hair care changes along with the seasons,... Read more
We’re one month away from the official launch of fall, but you’re not ready to let go of your summer style. It’s okay because you don’t have to. Here’s a short “how to guide” on how to transition your summer clothes to fall. First pick out all your favorite... Read more
Are Urban Brands Irrelevant?
If you’ve lived for a couple decades I am sure that you know that fashion trends are cyclical. Thus those stirrups you loved in the 80’s might make reappearance…or not. I am hoping for the latter, however what once was popular can always be revamped and made trendy for... Read more
Solange X Puma: “Word to the Woman”
Solange recently debuted the first half of her third collaboration with Puma’s design team titled, “Word to the Woman.” The inspiration behind the concept was to showcase 14 diverse women at various stages in their lives and how each stage represents a range in gender roles. All of the... Read more