Danger, Conspiracy, & Drug Cartels–Sicario is Sick!
The War on Drugs has raged for decades now, but never before has hit been waged so openly on American soil. Tension between the United States and Mexico reach an all time high, after a botched battle between the FBI and a Mexican drug cartel causes the decimation of... Read more
Wang’s Says Good-bye to Balenciaga
On the merry-go-around that are designers at major fashion houses. Alexander Wang bites the dust as he moves on from his role as designer for Balenciaga. Yesterday, Balenciaga showed it’s S/S 2016 collection. This is Wang’s last show with the fashion house.   His tenure with Balenciaga has been... Read more
Thighs the Limit

Thighs the Limit

FashionShoes October 2, 2015 0

Thighs the Limit The crispness in the autumn air is upon us. Thus it time to do what every fashion-lover is craving, layering. Yes, fall is that perfect time of year where you can pull-out your coats, vests, blazers, scarves, hats, leggings and boots. The possibilities are limitless when... Read more
What will happen to Ralph Lauren?
  As life always seems to go, there is a point in when you’ve accomplished a lot, thus it is time to take a step down and enjoy life. At the age of 75, Ralph Lauren has decided to step down as CEO from his mega-brand Ralph Lauren. This... Read more
How To Get Away With Murder- “She’s Dying”
How To Get Away With Murder with a flash forward as Wes meets Michaela and Laurel in the woods running from the scene where Annalise was shot. He inquires about Connor’s whereabouts, who we see is standing over Annalise telling her this was all her fault. In present time,... Read more
Every now and then a movie comes around that reminds you just how amazing and scary being human can be. In this movie there are superheroes, no villains, and no cosmic event; just good old fashioned Man vs. Nature. Enter The Martian! This time around, albeit, it’s Mother Nature’s otherworldly... Read more
Kontrol Beauty: WE Tv’s “L.A. Hair” Stylist Terry Hunt  Gives Step-by-Step on How To Achieve Janet Jackson’s Fabulous Tour Hair
The star of WeTv’s LA Hair, Terry Hunt recently took part in the Janet Jackson Unbreakable tour and gave us the scoop on how to get Janet’s Fabulous hair. Check out below what Terry had to say. Did Janet change her hairstyle in the show? No How would you... Read more
Empire- “Without A Country”
Empire begins with three of the Lyons defeated. Cookie, Andre, and Hakeem all clean out their belongings as Jamal has fired them from Empire. They decide to start their own company, but struggle with what to name it. Hakeem tells his mother he wants to be more than an... Read more
Gotham- “Rise of The Villains: Knock, Knock”
Gotham begins with a little torture as Theo Galvan has kidnapped the Mayor and held him hostage. He has a box around his head and threatens to drop a spider in it if he does not call and lie to his secretary and tell her that he is leaving... Read more