Pharrell To Partner With Chanel?
Cool and exciting news guys, guess which major celeb is supposedly working on a collaborative collection with one of the most legendary fashion houses known to fashion period? Well it’s been a lot of talk and press foreshadowing a possible collab with music producer and fashion icon himself Pharrell... Read more
Kurvy Fashion: On the Scene
Hello Kurvy Kuties!!!  Welcome to my first post on Kontrol Magazine, talking about Fashion, Curves, and Entertainment: Kurvy Fashion I am super excited to do my first review on a super cute and chic jumpsuit that I picked up from Fashion To Figure.   Before I give you all the... Read more
See It Here! Disney Releases Teaser Trailer for Live Action “Beauty and The Beast” Movie!
Disney has truly been on a roll with these live action remakes of their animated films! Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book are all hits; and we are waiting on Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. We can now ease our “live action Disney addiction” a little knowing that Beauty and The Beast is on the way. Disney... Read more
Daily Paper 2016 S/S Pt. 2 Goes Desert Chic
Was doing some window shopping earlier today, online of course lol, I feel like that’s the only way you can really see what’s out there around the world you know other than what’s in your average shopping mall. Just trying to be different try some new labels other than... Read more
#HeKilledIt! Todrick Hall Mashes Up Ariana Grande’s Biggest Hits!
Todrick Hall  is one of the most talented and underrated artist/actors of our times. Seriously, this man needs to be winning Grammys and Oscars for his talents! Don’t worry, though, it is coming in due time! Todrick, known, for his remakes of Disney songs, flash mob performances, and his... Read more
Hey Mikey- “The Victim Of A Savage”
Hey Mikey, I really hate when women say there are no good men. If there aren’t any it’s because they’ve somehow official fucked them all over! I dated this girl for like two months didn’t push the issue of sex, took her out often, and even introduced her to... Read more
H&M x KENZO Collaboration Coming Soon To Stores
What’s up guy’s got some cool news for all you H&M shoppers. H&M has recently announced its next designer collaboration, and it will be with none other than Parisian fashion house KENZO. Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are set to showcase their vibrant, modern, youthful threads to... Read more
#CelebrityCrush- Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is undoubtedly Hollywood’s leading starlet! She was catapulted to fame thanks to the success of hit trilogy The Hunger Games, but has managed to stay on Hollywood’s “A-List” thanks to her amazing talent, straightforwardness, and sheer beauty. We have to admit, when we found out she would be... Read more
If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Wicked Soul”
If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Alex in desperation. She goes to see her father, Rusty, for help with Randal. He demands that she tell him she was raped and did not willingly have sex with Randal. She refuses to recant what really happened. He slaps her and tells her... Read more