Bad News…Netflix Cancels “The Get Down!”
The Get Down  has been canceled! Just when we find a Netflix series we love just as much as Orange Is The New Black and Fuller House, the network goes and ends the series, citing low ratings as the reason. This all comes as a shocker to us especially since the series... Read more
[VIDEO] ‘This place is more than a building. It is a dream come true.’–President Obama (@POTUS) Formally Opens Smithsonian’s First U.S. National African-American History Museum in Washington D.C.
Today is a really good day and even more timely! The first National Museum of African-American History has officially opened in Washington, D.C., and we could not be happier! This museum is far more than just a building or educational exhibit, it is the culmination of years of hard... Read more
“Storks” Movie “Delivers” A Fantastically Heartwarming Hit!
2016 has delivered some pretty amazing hits in the realm of fantasy. In just nine months we have seen epic battles between superheroes, supervillains saving the world, homes for children with “peculiar” powers, and now storks are back to delivering babies! Yep, you read right! a new movie takes... Read more
Gucci’s 2017 Spring/Summer Collection
As Milan fashion week comes to an end, Gucci’s latest showcase breaks new barriers in menswear fashion. It was announced earlier this year that Alessandro Michele would be combining Gucci’s men’s and women’s collection into one show, and last night’s Gucci show did just that. Displaying seven men’s looks... Read more
Cutting IT In The ATL- “Clip Controversy”
Maja is still trying to be a peacemaker, Mushiya is not here for it, and Beautii has a secret. That’s what you missed if you didn’t catch last night’s episode of “Cutting It In The ATL’. Don’t worry, I have your full recap right here. The show began with... Read more
Foodie Friday: 5 Pumpkin Recipes For Every Meal of the Day
Yesterday was the official first day of fall so you know what that means right? It’s PUMPKIN SEASON!!!! Yes, people rush near and far to get their hands on a PSL (that’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, just fyi) from Starbucks or head to their local grocery store for pumpkin flavored... Read more
Common Releases New Music Video for “Black America Again”
Common just dropped the title track from his forthcoming album, Black America Again, and the music video is a powerful testament to the tragic yet common tale of police brutality and injustice against black Americans today. “Black America Again” opens with footage of the muder of Alton Sterling that sets the... Read more
Empire- “Light In Darkness”

Empire- “Light In Darkness”

TV September 22, 2016 0

The third season premiere of Empire begins with the death of a major character! As Jamal, Hakeem, and Lucious leave the wedding venue the latter two argue about him marrying Anika. Hakeem speeds off angrily in his wedding car. As Lucious continue to deride him, Rhonda falls from an upper level... Read more
Totally twisted with wonderful curls! Wonder curl products are the perfect way to achieve smooth, frizz-free and shiny hair. Wonder Curl products can cut down on styling time and create bouncy hair with movement and touchable softness. Featured in many hair magazines and natural hair gurus blogs, we have... Read more