The Brain of The Braxtons! Towanda Braxton Dishes on Sisterhood, New Businesses, & Family Drama@
Reality television shows come a dime a dozen nowadays. It seems like any and every one can get one for anything. For years, originality in the genre seemed to have gone out the door, reaching an all-time low with Lifetime’s Born In The Wild! Still there are exceptions to... Read more
Celebrity Beef EXPLODES! Nicki Minaj Calls Out Miley Cyrus LIVE at VMAs!
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#BOOTED! Tila Tequila Loses her “Shot” on Celebrity Big Brother Over Her Hitler Sympathies!
In the latest news on celebrity antics, former reality television star, Tila Tequila just lost her “shot” at remaining relevant over a past rant about Adolf Hitler. Apparently, back in 2013 Tila sympathized with the Nazi leader and posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding a gun and... Read more
Michael B. Jordan to Star in New MGM’s New Superhero Movie, “Blood Brothers!”
Fantastic Four was a mess! We get it, let’s deal with it and move on just like Michael B. Jordan is–to a new superhero film. Whereas most actors would have steered away from any further superhero roles Jordan is already in talks to be Tree, from Dark Horse Comics’ Blood... Read more
New Members of The Justice League Already? DC Cinematic Universe Phase 2!
DC does not seem to be wasting anytime in forming its own Cinematic Universe to rival that of Marvel’s. The comics company already has Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad debuting next year and in the years after that movies Wonder Woman and Justice League movies alongside standalone films for Batman, Superman, Flash,... Read more
Congrats Lucy Liu! Star Welcomes Newborn son via Surrogate!
Look who has joined the motherhood club! Yep one of Hollywood’s biggest stars is now a proud mommy to a wonderful baby boy. She is Lucy Liu, and he is Rockwell Lloyd Liu, one of the luckiest kids on the planet. On Thursday, Rockwell was welcomed to the world... Read more
Thank You Kim? Rob Kardashian Allegedly in Therapy Thanks to His Big Sister!
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Regular to Recurring? Is Empire Reducing Lucious Lyon’s Screen Time over Terrence Howard Antics in Season 2?
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Empire Season 2 Promos–GAME ON!
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