Amazon Fashion launches #saysomethingnice campaign
Body shaming and social media have unfortunately became hand and hand. People are being becoming more bold and sometimes bluntly rude in the comments they make on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Amazon Fashion is on a mission to make fashion and social media a much nicer place. Amazon Fashion launched its... Read more
The Haves & The Have Nots- “My Friend Maggie”
The Haves & The Have Nots begin with a bang as a gunman shoots Maggie six times in the chest and stomach as she enters Veronica’s home, killing her! Outside, an officer shields Veronica as the gunman tries to flee, killing him in a shoot out. Veronica pretends to... Read more
Match Made In Heaven’s Newest Bachelor Former NFL Player Stevie Baggs Talks Love and Business
Written by: Mark Pollard Stevie “Shakespeare” Baggs, Jr is not only a three-time All American and former 10-year veteran of the National Football League and Canadian Football League. Who’s also recognized as the only athlete to play for 11 professional football teams, including the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars... Read more
#KontrolReads Confessions of a Reformed Cougar: The Accidental Cougar
  Janet didn’t set out to be a cougar; it was actually quite accidental. Somehow though, she is always ending up with younger men. Of course looking fabulous does nothing to hurt the situation. Her skin is smooth and wrinkle free. She certainly doesn’t wear her hair like a... Read more
Hey Mikey- “It Can’t Be About Him”
Hey Mikey, I really enjoy your site and the advice you give. You  recently helped a friend of mine get through something, and I hope you can do the same for me. There’s this guy I have liked since I was fourteen years old around the same time I... Read more
Hey Mikey- “The Victim Of A Savage”
Hey Mikey, I really hate when women say there are no good men. If there aren’t any it’s because they’ve somehow official fucked them all over! I dated this girl for like two months didn’t push the issue of sex, took her out often, and even introduced her to... Read more
Jay Z Finally Addresses Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’
Queen Bey isn’t the only one who speaks on things through her music. After almost a month of silence, Rapper Jay Z has finally addressed his wife’s ‘Lemonade’ album, which included many lyrical allegations to infidelity in their marriage, on Jay Z’s part. Jay responded through an “All The Way... Read more
Relationship Tips From Longest Lasting Celebrity Couples
With 40 to 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce (according to, and an even higher rate for Hollywood marriages, it is no secret that marriage can be tough – especially in the spotlight. There are, however, those exceptional occasions where couples stay together and live happily ever after –... Read more
Stevie Baggs Looks for His “Match Made in Heaven” on New Dating Series
You may know Stevie Baggs as a former NFL player, or a motivational speaker, author, maybe even a businessman or actor. Stevie wears many hats, and has accomplished many things in various career fields. However, he is ready to take on the one thing that’s missing in his life – love. In... Read more