[VIDEO] Just in Time For Christmas- Will Smith Stars in “Collateral Beauty!”
Will Smith may finally get that Oscar he has been pining for with his upcoming film, Collateral Beauty! Here Will stars as a counselor who helps people change their lives for the better. He loses his way, however, when his daughter dies and falls into a deep depression. To cope with... Read more
Patrice Lovely Star of Love Thy Neighbor Makes Big Screen Debut
Written by. Chalise Macklin Patrice Lovely, best known for her portrayal of Mother Hattie (Hattie Mae Love) on OWN’s Love Thy Neighbor, is far from the tour bus she use to travel on with holes in the floor. She is the star of one of Tyler Perry’s most successful shows... Read more
[VIDEO] First Look: “Logan”–The Third Solo Wolverine Film Is Here!
We are back to the cinematic world of the X-Men once again, and yet again the future looks bleak. Yep, the infamous third solo Wolverine film is ready to make its debut in March! This time around our hero, Logan, really is flying solo as all of the X-Men,... Read more
Love…Beauty..Power…Moonlight–Check Out Our Interview w/ Stars of “Moonlight” Movie, Trevante Rhodes & Naomie Harris!
2016 has definitely delivered some amazing films—mostly super-heroic or biopics, in our opinion. However, one film truly takes the proverbial “cake” with beauty, storytelling, and perspective in Moonlight. Told from the point of view Chiron in three phases of his life—childhood, his teen years, and adulthood—we watch a coming... Read more
[VIDEO] #Hilarious! Why Kevin!? “Kevin Hart: What Now” is CRAZY!
Kevin Hart is the man! He definitely proved that earlier this week when he was honored with his own star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Although that is an amazing accomplishment an even bigger and world record feat was when his show sold out the Lincoln Financial Field... Read more
[VIDEO] Coming of Age…Love Under “Moonlight”
It is so rare that you get to watch a movie that is actually beautiful. Especially when it comes to those proverbial coming of age stories. Moonlight, however is powerful, fulfilling, and moving as it tells the story of a young man not only coming of age, but exploring his... Read more
[VIDEO] Awakening–Nate Parker’s “Birth of a Nation” is Breathtaking
There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation. The first being it’s title as it was originally the same name of a film in the early 1900s that glorified the Ku Klux Klan, then its content in being the biopic of Nat Turner, and... Read more
Our favorite funny guy, Kevin Hart is still at it! The comedian and actor has been on his A game nonstop for the last couple of years with stand-ups, tours, films and more, and now he is back with a stand-up comedy concert film of his very successful and hilarious ‘What Now?’... Read more
Did Sarah Jessica Parker Tease a Possible Sex and the City 3?!
We have got some good news for Sex and the City fans! … Well maybe. Rumors are circulating about a Sex and the City 3 again! The Press Association caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker and asked her if there is a chance of her coming back as witty sex... Read more