Get Hard & Get Your Laugh On!
Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell are currently the gods of comedy. Everything these two funny men touches seems to be box off ice gold! Thus it is a “no-brainer” that putting the two of them in a movie together is destined to be a hit! Get ready to laugh... Read more
Dare To Be Divergent! Get Your Free Passes to “Insurgent: The Divergent Series!”
It has been a year since Divergent won the hearts of millions everywhere! We became thoroughly engrossed in a dystopic future where what remains of humanity is divided into five factions; Erudite, Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, and Amity. Those who do not fit neatly into one of these factions are known as... Read more
Liam Neeson “Kills” The Scene in “Run All Night!”
Liam Neeson is back and using his “special set of skills” to take down a friend turned enemy in Run All Night! This time around he is on the other side of the law as professional hitman, Jimmy Conlon; hated by everyone in his life, including his son, Michael (Joel... Read more
He-Man Gets a Cinematic Reboot & So Does Battle Cat!
Fanboys and fangirls everywhere are “Drunk In Love” over the latest announcement in superhero movie news; He-Man & The Masters of The Universe will become a live action movie! Apparently Sony has grabbed he movie rights to the 80’s hero and will soon be in a theater near you.... Read more
Get Your Focus on! Will Smith’s New Movie is out TODAY!
Will Smith may have suffered a setback with After Earth, but his latest flick, Focus, has all the makings off a box office hit. Besides co-starring with Margot Robbie, he is not the savior of mankind, not some super soldier, and not yet a DC Comics anti-hero; but he is a... Read more
Wonder Woman Film to Begin Shooting in Fall 2015!
At long last the Amazon Princess and the most famous super-heroine on the planet, Wonder Woman,  is coming to the Big Screen! June 23, 2017 marks the date! As you may recall Gal Gadot (controversially) has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of... Read more
Will Smith Calls “After Earth” Movie “Most Painful Failure” of His Career!
No one is immune to failure, not even blockbuster movie star, Will Smith. Easily one of the highest paid celebrities on the planet, Smith admits to finding himself in pain over the failure of his  2013 film After Earth. Will is so disenchanted with the film that he considers his... Read more
Cougars Everywhere BEWARE ! Sex and Obession Explode in Jennifer Lopez’s (@JLo) The Boy Next Door!
Jennifer Lopez is once again flexing her acting muscles in a new thriller, The Boy Next Door! the film details the life of Claire Peterson, a teacher currently separated from her husband due to an affair. Claire is determined to move on, but reluctant to truly date. Her loneliness... Read more
Young, Dynamic, & Cinematic! Get To Know Filmmaker & Rising Star, Devin J. Ricks!
Filmmaking is as much an art form as it is entertainment. The camera and big screen are to a director as a paintbrush and canvases are to a painter. Many try to master filmmaking, hoping to achieve some measure of immortality through their work. More often than not, they... Read more