Hit The Floor- “‘Til Death Do Us Part”
Hit The Floor returns picking up right where it left off–with Jelena lying unconscious on the floor in a puddle of her own blood! Sloane finds her and quickly calls for help just as Jude arrives on the scene. The paramedics cut her clothes off of her and transport... Read more
The Drama Begins! “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” Season 5 Super Trailer!
Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is back kiddies! Yep, the Love & Hip-Hop franchise’s most popular series is back–and with a dramatic vengeance it seems. Cat fights, drama, backstabbing, gossip, and the return of K. Michelle! VH-1 has released the new super trailer for the fifth season premiere and it is a... Read more
Hit The Floor-“Loss”

Hit The Floor-“Loss”

TV March 22, 2016 0

Hit The Floor begins with German being rushed to the hospital after being stabbed by Chase for killing Olivia. Ahsha tries to ride with him in the ambulance, but the officers tell her he is now a prisoner and stops her. Raquel goes to the hospital to get a... Read more
Hit The Floor- “Killer Crossover”
Hit The Floor begins with Ahsha tending to Derrick’s wounds after his violent confrontation with German. He feels guilty about how they rekindled her relationship. She tells him she made her own decision to be with him again, and that she only went back to German because she wanted... Read more
#RIP “Mob Wives'” Reality Star, Big Ang, Passes at 55
When it comes to celebrity deaths, 2016 has truly taken the cake! Entertainers, trailblazers, and people dearly loved the world over are leaving this world sooner and quicker than any of us can imagine. Sadly, we now have to add Angela “Big Ang” Raiola to that disheartening list. Big... Read more
Hit The Floor- “Good D”

Hit The Floor- “Good D”

TV February 8, 2016 0

Hit The Floor begins with Sloane in “protective mother mode” as she makes Ahsha move out for her safety. German helps her pack to move into his place, much to Sloane’s gratitude. Kyle and her friend decide to go to the cabins to “write” their script and hire Raquel... Read more
“Love & Publicity Stunts?” “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s” Milan Christopher Gordy is Dating Female Cast Mate?!
Is there really something to this “delivert” thing or is Mona Scott Young reaching for a far-fetched story line in the next season of VH-1’s hit reality series, Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. As you know the series broke ground by showing the first gay male couple in the franchise’s history with... Read more
Hit The Floor- “Hit The Floor”
VH-1’s Hit The Floor is back! The drama begins with the Devil Girls annual audition where Jelena and Sloane shoot each other evil glares. The auditions seem to go off without a hitch. Elsewhere, Ahsha auditions for a music video, hopeful she will get back to dancing. When she leaves the... Read more
A “Made For TV” Masterpiece! VH-1Has a Hit w/ The Breaks!
When it comes to made for television films no one beats VH-1. As you recall in 2014 the network scored a huge hit with the biopic on  TLC, Crazysexycool,  and before that it used made for television films as a pilots for Single Ladies. We suspect the latter is the same... Read more