Take Kontrol: Sleep It Off

“Sleep is for the weak!”

We’ve all heard the saying before. You want to dominate your field so you skip sleep and work harder than your competition. You think you’re making a good choice but you may be working harder not smarter. Your competitor that gets a proper night’s rest and knows how to time manage will wake up with an amazing memory and increased creativity. 7 -9 hours of sleep will have your memory at its peak and your mind restored. A healthy mind is a creative mind.  You want to kill it in the workplace and make it look effortless. A good night’s rest will help you avoid fine lines and wrinkles and have you sashaying through the office looking youthful and fabulous.

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Less than 7 hours of sleep impacts your hunger and fullness hormones. The hormones signal your brain that it’s time to eat. Sleep deprivation leads to overeating and extra pounds. When you skip sleep it makes it hard for your body to process fat so it ends up being stored. Less than 7 hours of sleep slows down your metabolism and causes weight gain. When your metabolism slows down your appetite increases and let’s face it after a hard day’s work with no sleep you won’t have enough energy to cook. If you haven’t meal prepped you may be tempted to grab fast food or junk food. You don’t want to end your night with fast food because you probably packed your day with coffee, energy drinks, and foods high in sugar to stay alert. You are just asking to gain weight especially if you decide to skip the gym. Who has the energy for the gym when you’re exhausted and overworked? It’s all a recipe for disaster.

Take Kontrol tips for better sleep is to leave work at the office and to exercise. It is impossible to get a good night’s rest if you are checking your phone and answering emails.  If you shut your electronics off an hour before you get in bed you may have a better chance at falling asleep.

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After you restore a natural sleep cycle you should engage in regular exercise to continue getting better sleep and its benefits. Sleep improves fitness performance and muscle recovery. You need sleep just like you need food and water.

Sleep is a power tool, it wants to help you.” – Christine Hansen

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