TBT to the Top Beauty Trends of the 90s

What goes around comes around, they say. But, if you ask any Millennial they’ll say the 90s are the best decade of all time. From the music, technology, beauty, and wardrobe we had it all. The 90s was and will always be all that and a bag of chips. 

A time of denim on denim, scrunchies and high top sneakers. Looking at these fashion fads cycle back by popular demand are no surprise. Major deja vu, we witness the evolution of platinum blonde pixie cuts and drawn on eyebrows. The truth is inescapable, as dark lipped and glitter infested 90s beauty has returned and taken over the fashion industry. As much as we liked some of these beauty trends, there are a couple we would rather leave in the past: like stick on rhinestones, butterfly clips, and crimped hair.

With thrifting playing a forever role in the fashion scene. Today’s biggest fashionistas have drawn inspiration from their parents’ wardrobe or their younger years. These are the beauty trends every 90s cool girl wore.

Here’s to the best and worst forgotten beauty trends of the 90s.


90s beauty trends: scrunchies


Body glitter

90s beauty trends: body glitter


Crimped hair

90s beauty trends: crimped hair



90s beauty trends: tendrils


Two barrettes

90s beauty trends: two barrettes


Badass mini buns

90s beauty trends: mini buns


Super thin eyebrows

90s beauty trends: thin eyebrows


“The Rachel” chunky highlights

90s beauty trends: The Rachel


Butterfly clips

90s beauty trends: butterfly clips


Frosted gloss lips

90s beauty trends: lip gloss



90s beauty trend: rhinestones


Blue eyeshadow

90s beauty trends: blue eyeshadow


Lip Smackers

90s beauty trend: Lip Smacker


High ponytails

90s beauty trend: high ponytails


Lip liner

90s beauty trend: Lip Liner

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