[Event Recap] T.I. brings the Hustle Gang Tour to Atlanta

Let us have a moment of silence for the Coca-Cola Roxy Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. The self-proclaimed King of the South, T.I., absolutely slaughtered the stage at the Coca-Cola Roxy Theater. On Sunday night, the king and his court, Hustle Gang, turned what was suppose to be a concert into a full blown party.

T.I. presents the Hustle Gang Tour
T.I. fans waiting for the king to grace the stage.

If you missed one of the best tours of 2017 don’t fret because Kontrol Magazine was on scene and captured it all. Fans and ATLiens flooded SunTrust Park to witness the King of the South put on an amazing performance. With Atlanta, Georgia being the last city of the 35-city tour, Hustle Gang was obligated to put on a memorable show. To no surprise, Hustle Gang delivered and shut the city down.

T.I.'s newest signee Translee
Translee performing at the Coca-Cola Roxy Theater in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hustle Gang over Everything

Translee was the first member of Hustle Gang to hit the stage. His mellow sound and refreshing lyrics brought the crowd back to 1996. Translee reminded the crowd don’t get lost in the sauce, track 9 of his latest album “M.A.O.T.P., Pt. 1.” Rapper and Atlanta native, London Jae, followed suite.  Let’s just say London Jae is the furthest thing from shy. If you don’t believe me, listen to his latest track featuring fellow label mate B.O.B and Kash Doll. London Jae’s stage presence is definitely something I’ve never witnessed before. He is ruthless in his approach and unafraid to speak his mind.

Hustle Gang signees Rara, Yung Booke, Big Kuntry King, and Trae tha Truth also graced the stage. On second thought, they did more than grace the stage. They assassinated what use to be a stage.

Trae tha Truth took the crowd from 0 to 100. In anticipation for his upcoming album, Tha Truth 3, Trae gave the crowd a sneak peak of the album. If his performance was any indication of what to expect from his album, I highly suggest everyone pre-order it on Apple Music. Tha Truth 3 is the perfect soundtrack to add to your mellow Monday’s playlist.

T.I. Hustle Gang Tour
Tokyo Jetz killing the stage during the Hustle Gang Tour.

The Heir to the Throne

Tokyo Jetz being the only female on the tour represented beautifully for female rappers. She is what the hip hop scene is so desperately in need of, change. She doesn’t remind you of rap legend Lil Kim or flow like Remy Ma. Instead, the little lady hailing all the way from Jacksonville, Florida creates her own lane. Next, to grace, the stage was the heir to the king’s throne, Domani Harris. If you were a fan of T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle you can understand my apprehension of Domani hitting the stage. In true Harris fashion, Domani left his heart on the stage. The young boy the world watched attempt to rap at 8-years-old is now a certified contender in the rap game. Domani made it crystal clear, nothing was handed to him. Just like his father, T.I., he had to earn his stripes.

T.I. hits the stage at the Coca-Cola Roxy Theater
T.I. takes the crowd back to 2006 with the track “Top Back.”

T.I. Hits the Stage

 You can not talk about the greatest rappers from the south without mentioning T.I., the King of the South. When T.I. finally hit the stage the crowd exploded in excitement. The man’s stage presence alone is enough to shut down any venue. When the beat dropped to one of T.I.’s greatest hits, “Top Back,” the crowd literally went insane. Everyone at that instance could not resist reliving that moment when the song first hit airwaves. T.I. followed suite with a plethora of his many hits: “Rubber Band Man,” “24’s,” “U Don’t Know Me,” “Why You Wanna,” “Whatever You Like,” and “Bring Em Out.” T.I.’s energy throughout each track made you feel as if he was debuting the song for the first time.

T.I. and 2 Chainz hit the stage during the Hustle Gang Tour
2 Chainz’s latest album ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.’

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and T.I.

It’s true pretty girls like trap music. So much so, T.I. needed a little help from rapper 2 Chainz to prove it. 2 Chainz may not be the originator of trap music, but he definitely is an influencer of trap music. 2 Chainz performed tracks from his latest album, Pretty Girls Love Trap Music. To see him walk off the stage was disheartening, but T.I. definitely had something else planned for his fans.

Hustle Gang is a coalition of go-getters

If you weren’t sure what Hustle Gang represented you were reassured after the Hustle Gang Tour. T.I.  explained to the crowd, “Hustle Gang is more than a record label. It’s a clothing line, production company, and most importantly a family.” T.I. added, “This is the first time I’ve been able to tour with people who represent what I represent, and that is using your God given talent to make a way out of no way.” Hustle Gang artist such as Young Dro and B.O.B are testaments of that statement. Once B.O.B and Young Dro joined the king on stage the camaraderie of Hustle Gang was evident. If you missed the Hustle Gang Tour I honestly feel sorry for you. The Hustle Gang Tour was proof to why Hustle Gang is the only gang that matters in the music industry.

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