Timing Is Key! Time Management–Balancing Work, Play and Higher Education

It is true what they say, timing is everything. We spend our entire childhood wishing we were adults and once we cross that stage at twelfth grade graduation, things get real. We are now considered adults. We’re allowed to vote, we’re allowed to make our own decisions that we couldn’t before and I’m not going to lie – getting all that freedom at one time, sometimes we don’t know how to act.

But as adults the word “responsibility” is now a part of our everyday vernacular and we must act accordingly. Often times, you may take a break between high school and college and join the workforce and that’s great. Rack up those part time or full time hours and pay! But don’t forget to pencil in fun every now and then. You shouldn’t be turning up every weekend but every once in a while never hurt anybody.

If you are in school, get those studies out the way FIRST! I have seen too many people push their books and studying aside in favor of weekend road trips and drinking games at some bar on a Tuesday. You’re in college to help mold you for whatever career path you’re interested in. Don’t lose sight over that for a couple brews.

In any event, time management is key. If you know you’re working five days a week, your sixth day could be spent sleeping and that sixth night partying your little life away and on the seventh day, just like Jesus, you rest. All you have to do is put things in perspective.

By Monique C. Tillman

Monique Tillman

Beyond the words, lies a young woman… A young woman filled with drive, determination, pride, passion, and an insatiable hunger for more. A young woman who is a self-proclaimed artist, but not in the sense that she can paint a mural. She’s a verbal artist who paints pictures with words. Her beauty is more than skin deep, it lies within the lines of her words. And she’s making a name for herself as your new favorite writer.

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