Trick Daddy Confirms”Love and Hip Hop” Miami Edition

Love and Hip Hop

Lord knows the Love and Hip Hop franchise is already on a level all it’s own but the addition of a new city is going to raise that level a couple of notches.

Hip hop legend Trick Daddy recently sat down with Bossip and not only confirmed that there would indeed be a Miami franchise of the popular reality series, but that he would also be joining.

via Bossip:

I just met with Mona last week and we’re trying to do this thing right,” Trick told us. “Put some real Miami b***hes and real Miami n***as on the show.”

Trick, real name Maurice Young, said he’ll start filming at the end of the month or early May, and one of his storylines will involve him managing two upcoming artists Premadonna and Mike Smith. Premadonna’s husband is also trying to sign Trick to his own label.

“It’s all gonna come out on the show,” he said. “We’re just trying to do what we do, do what I do.”

Trick – who has already dabbled in TV work with his own spice infomercial and cooking show – said he decided to go the reality TV route because the show would give him a chance to share his unique take on life and contrast the lifestyles of Miami’s old guard with it’s new moneyed residents.

“I’m really doing Love & Hip Hop Miami because there’s a difference between Old Cutler (a sleepy highway that connects Miami to the Everglades) money and South Beach money,” he said. “Old Cutler money is grandfathered in, South Beach is investors.”

And the rapper promised not to crash and burn once he’s on TV.

“One thing I won’t do is make a fool of myself,” Trick said. “If we gone make a fool of somebody it won’t be me, so it’ll be interesting.”

The rumor mills have also been busy – there is a rumor going around that the Baddest Chick, Trina is also slated to join the cast. I remember a few years back when Trina said the Love and Hip Hop franchise wasn’t really her cup of tea. Do you think she changed her mind? And what do you think of the franchise heading to South Beach? Let us know below because it’s time for yet another Opinion Hour!


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