Tyler Perry Joins Efforts To Rebuild Houston And Offers His Two Cents About The Joel Osteen Controversy

As we all know, Houston has suffered major damage from Hurricane Harvey during this past week. Many celebrities have stepped up to the plate and put their money and time to go use. Recently, Tyler Perry announced that he has joined in on the effort to restore Houston. The director/actor took to social media to talk about his donation and to express his thoughts on the controversy surrounding preacher Joel Osteen.

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Business mogul Tyler Perry announced that he is donating one million dollars to the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey. Perry gave his fans a breakdown as to how the million dollars would be allocated. Perry stated  $250,000 would go to Beyoncè’s pastor, $500,000 has yet to be determined, and $250,000 would go to Pastor Joel Osteen’s church, Lakewood.

Tyler Perry Says Judge Not

Recently, I told you about the controversy surrounding  celebrity preacher Joel Osteen. The preacher was basically dragged on social media for not opening up his megachurch sooner to help the displaced victims of the hurricane. Osteen’s church can hold over 16,000 people and the public couldn’t understand why the preacher wouldn’t offer the sanctuary as a shelter.

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Osteen finally opened up the church and it is now being used as a shelter. Osteen had many excuses or reasons as to why he didn’t open up his church sooner, but it seems as though his excuses were too little too late. Tyler Perry feels differently about the situation, and doesn’t feel like Osteen was in the wrong. Here is what Perry had to say,

“I know that there’s been some controversy about Joel Osteen and him not opening the doors of the church. Joel and Victoria are amazing people-there’s no way that they would lock people out of the church or not let people seek shelter. There were some safety concerns, and I spoke to them on the phone, and it all made perfect sense to me. So before you just run and judge someone real quick, you need to know the whole circumstances.”



So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with Tyler Perry? Do you feel like you understand why pastor Joel Osteen didn’t open up his church sooner? Let me know in the comments.


By Ronda Brooks


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