Weird Ways Sisters Annoy Each Other

Sisterhood can be tricky; sometimes there’s this strange awkwardness  that exists because of life and circumstances. Thankfully you’re stuck with someone who won’t trade you in like friends and associates will when things get tough.


Sort of a love-hate relationship but more love than anything else, sisterhood is something special. The bond that sisters share is one of the most important friendships that we will ever have. Sisterhood teaches us how to love, appreciate, and sometimes agree to disagree with one another so its never perfect. There’s also some weird ways sisters can annoy one other, and it can get pretty ugly at times.


Whether she’s taking your clothes, eating your food, snapping off guard photos, or just annoying you with nitpicking about every little thing, you now that she’s irreplaceable in the end. Watch this Buzzfeed video featuring Quinta B, highlighting her interactions with her sister during a  special sibling visit. Never know, maybe you sister can identify  with this scenario.



Do you and hilarious memories that only you and your sister share?  We would love to hear all about it. Comment below!


Written By: Tamara Butler

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