Look Out : The hottest Women’s Ready to Wear collections !

Women’s Ready to Wear collections have been all the rave this fashion week. From Brands like DKNY to couture collections from designers like Eli Saab and Versace you will find fashion inspiration  you need . 

DKNY- Women’s Ready to Wear collection by Donna Karen’s line was recently bought by G-III Apparel Group , a change from its parent company ,LVMJ. With this change many fashion on goers were eager to see the direction of the lines Women ready to wear line this 2017 . Caramel , beige and indigo were common shades throughout the collection and accented the collection .   Featuring futuristic looks and structured elements through out the collection withheld the DKNY standard, but the lofty sporty feel brought a new edge .

Women's Ready to Wear
Bella Hadid for DKNY Women’s Ready to Wear


Hilfiger – This year Hilfiger’s women’s ready to wear collection took on a different approach. The brand collaborated with Gigi Hadid for it collection. Inspired by Gigi’s take on California style and Hilfiger’s iconic prep style a fusion was created. Showcasing warm and bohemian prints over flowing dresses and the iconic Hilfiger logo designed over skater skirts , well structured shirt dresses.  Bright crop tops and variety jackets were also featured with the Hilfiger emblem to further showcase the merging of Gigi and Hilfiger’s styles .

Women's Ready to Wear
Joanne Smalls for Hilfiger.

 “Androgynous femininity , perfectly balanced”

Gucci- Gucci went Retro Glam via the 70’s for its women ready to wear collection. Inspired by artist and designer Dapper Dan as well as the 70’s night scene Gucci stole the show . Show casing over sized glasses, structured suits ,  floral and dragon print ( all  which have come to be a Gucci’s trade mark look) . Eccentric fabrics and embellished designs were the overall theme for Gucci’s women’s ready to wear collection this year.

Women's Ready to Wear
Elibeidy Danis for Gucci.
Christian Dior- this fashion week Christian Dior as a brand was being watched heavily . For the first time in the company’s history a woman had become creative director . Maria Grazia Chiuru has taken reign with Dior and rebuilt the brands image. Dior is known for a soft feminine aesthetic, Chiuru challenged this look. She flipped the script by adding structure , and androgynous pieces . Embroidered Sweaters and vest were paired with soft ruffled skirts and vest that resembled stray jackets were cut to show and enhance a woman’s natural shape . The Dior women’s ready to wear collection this year was androgynous femininity , perfectly balanced .

Women's Ready to Wear
Jessie Bloemendaal for Dior’s Women’s Ready to Wear.
Eli’s Saab – The theme for Eli Saab’s women’s ready to wear collection this year was very clear : Feminine, Romantic , and Goth. The line features gorgeous hues of rich burgundy, sultry black and a arrangement of purples and blue hues. The fabric choices were also a stand out . Leathers were mixed with suede and ruffles put atop chiffon .  Eli Saab and company made a bold choice this collection , and with the reviews from those within the industry and fashion enthusiast alike , the decision was amazing .

Women's Ready to Wear
Amanda Harvey for Eli Saab.
Versace –  In 1989 , Versace showcased his first collection . Between 1991-1995 the now iconic Versace print was conceived and thrived. Dontella Versace , honoring her late brother , Gianni Versace , pulled from the 90’s archive for this years Women’s Ready to Wear collection. Showcasing the chic and detail intricate collection. Black and gold embellished blouses , three piece  skirts sets and iconic Versace print were all the focus point for this years collection . The use of the 90’s collection was tastefully done and in great remembrance of the late Gianni Versace .

Aube Jolicoeur for Versace’s Women’s Ready to Wear.
Calvin Klein-  Raf Simmons has brought a new flare to Calvin Klein as the creative director . Symbolism throughout the show included Andy Warhol prints and vintage Horror films all tied into  the Women’s Ready to Wear collection .

Women's Ready to Wear
Lea Julian in a American Psycho inspired piece.
Celine- Celine’s , Women Ready to Wear collection is always extremely well tailored , clean cut and classic . The collection is features power house suits , with pieces that function with or without one another and sleek suave ideal that has come to be Celine .

Women's Ready to Wear
Celine’s Women’s Ready to Wear.
Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton was also inspired by the 70’s and 80’s with this years collection.  Showcasing asymmetrical cuts , crystals and gems placed throughout the collection as well sheer material made this years collection an 80’s babe dream.

Women's Ready to Wear
Natalie Westling for Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Ready to Wear.
Balmain – Since becoming creative director in 2012, Oliver Roustieng has elevated and evolved Balmain’s look and appeal to the masses . He did it again  this year with  Balmain’s , Women’s ready to wear collection . Take a step away from the brands usual look this line featured prints , ruffles and a play on the usual fabrics . This collection was inspired by the Parisian women whom loves fashion .

Amilna Estevao for Balmain’s Women’s Ready to Wear.
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