Is The World Ready For Plus-Size Barbie?

There’s no doubt that the way women’s bodies are depicted in the media can adversely affect young girls and women. Well last week released a depiction of a new Barbie on Facebook with a double-chin and curvier limbs, which sparked debate. More than 38,000 people have “liked” the photo and it has been shared over 2,000 times, but many have taken issue with the doll’s ample figure.

“No one is naturally fat for god’s sake, that’s sending the message to girls that it’s OK to look like this and be unhealthy …” wrote one commenter.

Another follower commented, “Imo this is horrible. Maybe make her a little fuller, but in no way promote obesity. Triple chins?? Really?? I’m a curvy girl, but come on this is ridiculous.”

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