3 – 7 – 14 Shopping Rule

About twice a year (sometimes more) I go through my closet and start to discard items I am never going to wear again. With the prevalence of fast-fashion, it seems that I collect clothes that I am only excited about for a short period of time. While…yes I didn’t invest much money into those pieces, but that is purely wasteful. And in the end we all have to do our part to be a friend to the environment. So, how do you determine whether the clothes you just bought on your recent shopping trip is an item you’ll wear for years to come?


Here are some guidelines.


If you are excited enough to wear an item that you just bought within three days, then that item is a keeper.


If by day seven you haven’t even considered wearing a new purchase, then you will never wear it.


Make sure that you return your clothes within 14-days otherwise you won’t return your purchase within the return policy limits.


Michelle Gill

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Admirer of beauty, collector of knowledge, sometimes food snob and fashion zealot.

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