Four Stars & Counting! Disney’s Zootopia Teaches Real Human Lessons!

The world we live in gets zanier and crazier by the day. Then again, that is usually the moniker of any of Disney’s animated films. Nearly a century ago the world fell in love with a mouse driving a steamboat and now it is time for a bunny–we ain’t talking Buggs–to have her shine. Meet Judy Hopps, a rabbit who has dreamed of becoming a police officer her entire life. There’s is just one problem–rabbits do not become cops. Determined to uphold and protect the ideals of Zootopia, a mammal metropolis where prey and predators live in harmony, she works hard and achieves her dream. She leaves her hometown and heads to Zootopia, having graduated the top of her class.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde

 However, Judy soon learns things are not as they seem in Zootopia. Not only is she barred from doing real police work, she is relegated to a meter maid. She still does her job admirably, but unwittingly finds herself in the middle of a case after she must coerce a sly fox, Nick Wilde, into helping her solve a missing otter case in 72 hours or resign.It is a nonstop adventure of chases, clues, and a surprising enemy that make this movie a hit; but lessons in racism, stereotyping (Foxes cannot be trusted because they are sly, only big animals can be cops, all predators are wired by nature to be savages, etc.), and racial profiling that make it a movie for all generations.

nick and jusy zootopia hey mikey atl

We really hope this is the beginning of a franchise and we get to see more adventures of Judy and Nick. I definitely plan on making this a family outing. Thanks for the life lessons Judy Hopps, they will never be forgotten! Be sure to catch Zootopia in theaters everywhere today!

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